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Something’s Brewing: I’m Talking to You Stephan Pyles

Pyles does the TwitterBug in Buffalo Gap earlier this spring.

I spent the whole weekend in front of my computer. That doesn’t mean I was working the whole time—I should have been—but a lot of the time I performed many other important tasks such as checking updates on TMZ, Facebook, and “the fightin’ SideDish followers” on Twitter.

Anywhoo, two names kept popping up in my Twitter @box: @chefpyles (as in Stephan) and @beyondthekit (chef David Gilbert. Remember him!). They were in Santa Fe together and eating all over town. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday,  I was born 21,389 days ago, so I have a little experience in predicting what the mischievous behavior of these two chefs means. I’m feeling bold enough to predict Pyles has a new restaurant in the works and he’s grooming David Gilbert to be his chef. Perhaps the Southwestern will rise again! But that’s just me. I could be wrong. It’s happened.

  • Tahini

    Restaurant going in 1717 McKinney perhaps?

  • jessica

    So glad to see chef Dave Gilbert will be back on the scene! Good luck to all

  • DGirl

    That’s funny, NN. I’ve been wrong like that too.

  • Hospitality Instructor

    But why is this filed under Keep Dallas Douchey?