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Woman Raped and Beaten Near Capitol Pub on Henderson

Several days ago, I received an email warning women to be careful when leaving the bars and restaurants clustered on Henderson near Capitol Pub, J-Blacks, and Neighborhood Services Tavern. The email says:

Please be careful around J-Blacks and Capitol Pub. A friend of a co-worker’s was brutally beaten and raped while walking to her car last night from J Blacks. She was with the group watching the game and left the bar around 2AM. She was apparently parked on the street behind Capitol (near that park/school). No one knows exactly yet how and when it happened, but she was found early this morning on the street near Capitol naked and severely beaten.

I’ve located the PoliceReport that verifies this incident took place in the 2300 block of N. Garrett Ave. which is southeast of the Neighborhood Services, J-Black, and Capitol Pub area on Henderson, not near the park and elementary school.

One comment on “Woman Raped and Beaten Near Capitol Pub on Henderson

  1. First, sympanthies to the victim, this is just horrible. I hope area employers are letting their lady employees either utilize valet or offer an escort to their cars at the end of their shift.

    I also hope all Dallas women know they have a choice of hospitals to be taken to for certified post-rape processing – Presbyterian OR Parkland.