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New England Lobster Bakes Every Sunday at The Commissary in Dallas

Starting this Sunday, The Commissary will host Sunday night lobster bakes. The reservations-only dinner will consist of a bucket of steamers, tomato and basil salad, corn on the cob, grilled Italian sausage with roasted new potatoes and a steamed 1.25 lbs lobster with drawn butter. For dessert they offer a selection of seasonal homemade pies such as buttermilk, pecan, and chocolate. The price is $35 per person. Call 214-643-6557. (No knobby knit cardigan sweaters allowed.)

4 comments on “New England Lobster Bakes Every Sunday at The Commissary in Dallas

  1. I think they should focus on improving service and current menu before expanding.

  2. That menu sounds amazing. Sure wish I didn’t have to kowtow to the ball n’ chain for Father’s Day this Sunday. But next week……

  3. I grew up in Newport rhode island where summer clam bakes are a part of the tradition. I have always wanted something like that here in Dallas. But part of the fun of clam bakes is having them outside and all the ingredients being thrown into one big bag and boiled together.

  4. Went last night and would say just OK. Just to clarify, pie is not included in the $35 price (but watermelon is). Apparently all the lobster bake patrons were asking about pie (maybe because of the mention in this post?), and the wait staff seemed miffed about it.