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9 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Nonna last Friday evening on a whim. Everything was fantastic and Barsotti was pretty excited about the bounty of crops now at the farmer’s market including tomatoes (in various dishes), peaches (in one of his salads, and blackberries (cobbler for dessert!).

  2. Nosh on Monday, because of Sarah’s picture of the watermelon salad. While it’s smaller than it looks in the picture, it is very filling. Perfectly ripe melon topped by marinated red and yellow pear tomatoes, plenty of feta cheese and a high quality balsamic vinegar drizzle.

    Picked a half bushel of peaches at Jenkin’s farm in Bonham last weekend, have been canning (melba jam, sweet & spicy relish, mango/peach 4 chile chutney). Still have half a half a bushel left to be turned into a puree for some delicious Texas Peach cocktails~

  3. In search of an Italian Beef sandwich, I had the Gotham sandwich at Eno’s…absolutely horrible. It is nothing close to an original Chicago Italian Beef.
    First, the beef is cut very thick. It might as well be a roast beef sandwich. Secondly, the gravy is tasteless. However, the roll is dynamite. Two thumbs DOWN…

  4. Checked out Mesa on Jefferson Ave. Saturday night. It was excellent. Perfect ceviche. A wonderful, spicy seafood soup. Beautiful mole over a duck leg. Spciy shrimp and enfrijoladas. The location is quirky, but inside it’s cool and greaceful. The service was also great and gave the restaurant a very hospitable feel. I highly recommend it.

    Had dinner at Meddlesome Moth. I think I understand that it serves good food for beer drinking (best selection in town, I think), but as a dinner destination, there were more misses than hits. It stays in the rotation as a place to meet for a beer, but not for dinner.

    Somehow, Nova, without a chef, is still cranking out good, creative food. It should survive in the post Kelly era. I hope so as its a great neighborhood spot.

  5. I want what Amy is having! Sounds like peach bliss!

    We went to Dodie’s (original spot). I’m still afraid to go to the new one down the street. Waiting to hear some good news about it. Shrimp bisque and marinated crab claws are all I need.

  6. Pupusas at Tienda Santa Rosa No. 2 on Davis in the OC. Yum.

    Tacos El Si Hay in the OC. Barbacoa was not nearly as flavorful as the bistec.

    Cane Rosso to take their new gelato machine for a spin. One word: sinful. Okay, two: delightfully sinful.

    Maple & Motor for lunch today. Food coma is about to set in. So good.

  7. Thanks Margie – I learned some important lessons about picking peaches: 1) don’t pick after noon on a hot Texas summer day, 2) don’t forget your sunblock, hat and sunglasses 3) wear rubber gloves, there are bees crawling all over overripe fruit, not to mention all the other sticky stuff and, 4) hot sugar (when canning) can be very hot indeed.

    Jenkin’s Farm, north of Bonham – their large peaches will be ripe beginning early July. Also have plums and blueberries.

  8. Gio’s for lunch last Saturday. No roasted turkey which was disappointing. Watery scrambled egg whites and tasteless homefries. Average french toast. The hot dog tasted like a good Hebrew National, but was served on a slightly stale rectangular seeded roll. Decent enough matzah ball soup.

    Smashburger for dinner on Saturday. Very greasy/fatty burger. Delicious sweet potato fries. Loved the Harvest Chicken Salad. Lumpy vanilla milkshake made with Hagaan Dazs, which imparted a boozy taste. Not sure if we’ll go back.

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