Somebody Help This Poor Son: Beef Ribs in Dallas for Dad

He’s a good son. He wants something special for his father. You guys know what to do:

I am looking for BBQ Beef ribs for Father’s Day dinner similar to Tony Roma’s Bountiful Beef Ribs.  Does anyone know where to get good beef ribs in the Metrople… I mean North Texas (sorry Wick)?

Ed. note: FYI. Those of us who write for D Magazine are not allowed to use the “M”word when referring to the Dallas-Fort Worth Region. A 35-year tradition.

12 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Son: Beef Ribs in Dallas for Dad

  1. Uncle Nancy, do you mean “stupid” when you write “poor” in the headline?

  2. The Big Rib @ Smoke; you wont find better in Texas, i.e. anywhere.

    Tony Roma’s?

  3. Peggy Sue BBQ has the best beef ribs, in my opinion, and I don’t particularly care for smoked beef ribs, they outta be braised.

  4. I don’t remember seeing Beef Ribs at Off The Bone. And I’m not looking for Tony Roma quality but rather that style of those thick beef ribs.

  5. and by quality i mean lack of quality for those who want to call me stupid for comparing good bbq to tony romas :-(

  6. You will not find them here in Dallas, Trust me. I am one of the only few around that really prefers Beef Ribs to Pork. Dont get me wrong, the BBQ here at Lockharts&Pecan Lodge are off the wall. If you need a Beef Rib fix, you are going to have to go to Coopers, across from Billy Bobs Texas, to get a true meaty beef rib.

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  8. Lockhart Smokehouse has fantastic beef ribs…one of their specialties. They usually only serve them on Wednesdays, however, so call ahead before you go. They might have them as a special for Fathers Day.