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Robert Columbo Buys Primo’s in Dallas

Veteran Dallas restaurateur Robert (Trece, Villa-O, Sfuzzi) Columbo has inked a deal to buy Primo’s, the popular Tex-Mex spot on McKinney Avenue. Columbo didn’t have too many details other than he plans to keep the restaurant the same but “after 25 years, the place could use some freshening up.” Former owners Phil Lacerte and Frank Linero remain as partners. More coming in the next few days.

9 comments on “Robert Columbo Buys Primo’s in Dallas

  1. If anybody can ruin and screw up a restaurant it is certainly Robert Columbo. One real success?? I didn’t think so. Good by Primo’s.

  2. i hope he can actually make the food good. its in a great location but the food definitely needs to be taken up a notch.

  3. Joeat, I agree, how does this guy get anyone to give him money is beyond me! Has ONE of his investors dating back to Sfuzzi EVER seen a penny of their investment back? NO!!!!!!!!!

  4. ….on second thought a forensic accountant would be a good idea or Phil you will find yourself building a new wing on his house

  5. I am happy to see some many people aggreing! Even if I believe that Villa-O is OK (not great, just OK), Sfuzzi and Trece are horrible places to eat and drink at.

  6. How exciting. The very same people (as in flirting singles) will now have a third branch to flirt at.

    Wake me when you discuss real restaurants serving real food.