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Brews News (Part Two)—Fill Your Growlers in Lakewood Whole Foods’ Tap Room

Thank goodness Whole Foods has finally brought its tap room concept to Dallas (like Donald Trump, we’d love to think that our complaining had something to do with it). But seriously folks, in addition to on-tap wine and a variety of cheeses and nibbley bits, Lakewood on Tap will be filling growlers, half-gallon glass jugs tapped straight from the keg. If you’re wondering why growlers are such a big deal, head on in and ask for Jon-Robert. He’ll set you straight in no time. Until then, consider this a big step in the craft brewing movement.

6 comments on “Brews News (Part Two)—Fill Your Growlers in Lakewood Whole Foods’ Tap Room

  1. Yay for on-tap wine when I go and pick up my 9 dollar grapes and 20 dollar cat food!

  2. Jon-Robert ROCKS! When visiting the Big D from New Orleans, we always carve out some time to visit Whole Foods’ Tap Room. Jon-Robert makes the experience fun & memorable.

    Thanks Whole Foods.

  3. Jon-Robert knows his stuff, what a great addition to Whole Foods.

    Every store needs a Jon-Robert.

  4. I agree, every store needs a Tap Room. Jon-Robert served us also, it was a neat experience. I learned a lot from him, he should do Tap Tasting; I would pay for a class.

    Thanks, Whole Foods and Jon-Robert