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13 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Italian Beef Sandwich in Dallas

  1. Old World Sausage Co., Dallas Farmers Market.

    Jimmy’s makes one as well, but not as good as OWSC.

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  3. Rosetti’s (maybe Rosatti’s) in McKinney is the real deal. They even do the pizza right as well. Love it.

  4. It’s real easy. If the question is “Where can I get a good Italian ______ in Dallas?”, the answer is always Jimmys.

  5. Eddie’s Deli, SE corner of Abrams & NW Hwy is hands down better than old world and nudges jimmy’s at the wire. tough to find, and don’t go craving a combo. the past few times i been there he didn’t have any saasage.

  6. I second Weinberger’s….without question the best sandwich location in the metro.

  7. As others have said Wienbergers on Main St. in Grapevine is where to get this thing at. It’s a Chicago style Deli and if you’ve never been then you are missing out. You have to order it wet and then you get the option of spicy or sweet.

  8. First and foremost, I will tell you that I lived in Chicago for three years and consider myself an italian beef connoisseur. I travel back to Chicago quarterly for work and every single time I have an italian beef.

    The website you have listed above for “Mr. Beef” is not the website for the original Mr. Beef on Orleans.

    If you want a beef like Mr. Beef, Al’s or Portillo’s, you will not find it at Eddie’s (mentioned in a prior post). The beef is chewy, lacks flavor, and the gardienara they serve is straight from a grocery store jar. There just isn’t anything authentic about it.

    I have yet to try anywhere else that is mentioned above. Will update once I do.

  9. SPOILER ALERT – I had the Gotham sandwich at Eno’s…absolutely horrible. It is nothing close to an original Chicago Italian Beef. First, the beef is cut very thick. It might as well be a roast beef sandwich. Secondly, the au jus is tasteless. However, the roll is dynamite. Two thumbs DOWN…