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Somebody Help This Poor Underling Out

This just landed in my inbox, let’s help avert this last-minute crisis:

My new boss’ wife thinks it’s kicky and bohemian to announce spontaneous cocktails and dinners at their house. The latest of which is tonight. I just received an email saying we should all come by for TGIF BBQ. For the record, if you don’t actually work, you can’t claim TGIF rights. But I digress. Even though she’ll have the whole mess catered, it’s frowned upon if you don’t bring a special treat to share. As this is last minute, I have no time to cook something. Can anyone suggest a good takeout salad, side, or dessert that will be yummy with BBQ but not break the bank? Thanks!

17 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Underling Out

  1. I bring Dublin Dr. Pepper to off the cuff invites. Or Dixie beer. Both are a huge hit.

  2. Hit up the Eatzi’s chef case (although that can get pricey), or gelato from Paciugo (you get get party packs with three flavors)

  3. head on over to Central Market buy a stick of wild boar salami. have them slice it for you and get a good cheese to go with it. under $20 bucks I would think

  4. Then, once you have your dish obtained, polish up your resume. When the boss’ wife finds out about your condescending email to Side Dish, it will be time to start job hunting.

  5. I say call over to Creme de la Cookie and have them put you together a wonderful assortment of sweets.

  6. Central Market for already prepared Grilled Corn?

    Peggy Sues for some fried pies.

    Short Stop has some great dips– the bacon cheddar one is good.

  7. a neighbor once bought us something called love dip- Central Market? not sure but it was great with french bread

  8. Why would you write this here? She doesn’t have a job. You don’t think she’s going to read the post???

  9. Call Kathleen’s Sky Diner, get their Thai chicken cabbage salad without the chicken…Presto! Insta-Asian Cole Slaw that not only is delicious but would go great with BBQ.

  10. Agree with @PeterK and @lise ling – go to Central Market and get either salumi and cheese or one of their amazing dips.