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  1. It was Vietnamese week for me. Lunch on Monday at I Love Pho in Valley Ranch. Quite a few Vietnamese people had recommended this place, and the pho with filet was outstanding. The broth was flavorful and the meat was a great quality.

    Lunch on Tuesday at Green Papaya in Dallas. Flat noodles with chicken and veggies. My first time there and it was a great lunch – I’ll definitely be back.

    Lunch on Thursday at the Nammi food truck in front of Sigel’s on Greenville and Lovers. My first banh mi – ordered it with pork to be authentic. Great flavors and the crusty bread was delicious. I would go back.

  2. Picked up bun cha from Vietnam at Bryan/Peak for dinner. That’s probably lunch today, too. Banh mi from the Nammi food truck at Sigel’s yesterday. Huge, hit the spot, but $6 for a banh mi?! Oh well, I’d do it again, if only because $8 (banh mi + soda) is cheap for lunch in my book. Cheeseburger at Angry Dog. Better than Twisted Root, but I prefer Maple & Motor. Still, a good place to grab a Shiner and a burger. Pizza last night at Bryan Street Tavern. As the Sig. O said, this pizza makes you realize just how wonderful Cane Rosso’s pizza is. But BST was an awesome place to watch the game last night, and I needed something to soak up all that Fireman’s #4.

  3. I Love Pho in Valley Ranch is the best! They have the most delicious broth of all the pho places I’ve tried; stopped working in that area so haven’t been in a while. Went to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Mockingbird Wednesday night. Blah tacos, stale chips, and soggy burrito. Even the frozen margarita was terrible. Guess East Dallas isn’t as picky as it would like to seem. Lunch at Wang’s Cafe on Luther Lane. Some of their menu is pretty bad; however, the wonton soup is decent and the steamed mixed vegetables with shrimp never disappoints. They serve fairly large shrimp , with no veins, big plus and unfortunately a rare thing to find in cheap fare. Wouldn’t go there to eat dinner but a pretty good lunch in front of my computer.

  4. Urban Crust in downtown Plano. While Cane Rosso nabs all the acclaim, Urban Crust continues to put out some of the best pies in DFW. Urban Crust lacks some of the “wow” ingredients of places like Cane Rosso or Zanata (no bacon marmalade here), but the quality of the ingredients and crust stand with the best of them. Plus, the pizzas are a little bit cheaper across the board, and you get free bread at the table with a DELICIOUS olive tapenade. Non-pizza entrees are consistently great as well. Try the F-Chicken.

  5. Cedars Social – Sat. night and Thurs. night – would order absolutely everything again, including the drinks! Lobster pot pie and the short rib tacos (I had the crunchy shell, but was told the flour tortillas are great as well) were amazing!

  6. Nova’s in between chefs, but the food is still great…they’ve brought back the Vietnamese-style strip steak, which is my favorite of their dishes…I hope whomever takes over doesn’t change things too, too much…also found myself hungry a little farther north, at Preston and Forest, so I tried the Woodlands American Grill…very attractive place, good service, varied menu of contemporary American dishes…didn’t have anything special…chopped salad and a grilled chicken sandwich, but it was exactly what I needed…

  7. Lots of talk about Vietnamese food, SO… Malai in the West Village is very good, and traditional. Not easy to access at lunch, but worth it. Love the presentation and service is pleasant without being overbearing – good for being brand new. Props to ex-Hillstone managers now owners.

  8. Was pleasantly surprised by the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich I got last night from the ChowHound truck parked behind the Inwood Tavern last night. Great Mav watching/winning combo!

  9. Fuel City for breakfast tacos this morning. Pretty good, not the best. Lunch/dinner is probably the best time for FC.

    Mariano’s for dinner last weekend. Overpriced and so-so. Won’t return–too much good Mexican food to be found elsewhere. Makes me wonder why it was so packed. I guess they don’t have much competition over there.

  10. Went to Neighborhood Services Bar & Grill. No punches thrown and finally had the warm ding dong (TWSS!!) – and it was awesome. Wedge salad and burger there are fantastic.

  11. Al Beirnat’s the most wonderful “slimming” summer lobster salad. Perfect as was the service. Artin’s in Plano (first visit) for lunch the restaurant was quiet as it was mid afternoon. I had the block cut Mahi Mahi which was perfectly cooked and would make me go back to try something else. Hubs had short rib enchiladas that were equally enjoyable.

  12. Went to Cane Rosso this week. Not the best experience – we’ve definitely had better there. The pizza crust was black and tasted black and it was so floppy that when we picked up a slice, it was totally limp and the yummy olives fell off. Our little server rushed us the hell out of there even though we didn’t indicate a desire to get the hell out of there and there were emplty tables and no wait. Jay pretty much held court in Pizza Stadium and obviously enjoys his employees (good thing) because he was yucking it up with them the entire time we were there. No so much the customers, though. Not even when he walked outside of pizza stadium. One old couple intro’d themselves and he chatted but otherwise – nothing. Maybe a 1700 degree pizza oven requires that razor focus but since the tatooed earringy staff aren’t so warm and fuzzy, maybe the owner should be.

  13. @epifanio— really? Seems a bit harsh. I appreciate that Jay isn’t a blow hard– he let’s the food speak for itself.

  14. I did – it wasn’t great. Crust was burnt and black and tasted burnt and black. And limpy. It’s been better – I’ve had amazing pizza there before – but not last night. Chefs have an off night – last night happened to be it. We wondered if the stove was too hot because a lot of items were coming out with black char – or maybe it’s supposed to be that way – but it wasn’t like that the previous 5 times we’ve eaten there.

  15. It’s supposed to be that way. Did you bother to tell anyone that you didn’t like your pizza? I hear Chuck E Cheese has a slick game room and all you can drink root beer.

  16. @ epifanio- no way you’ve been there 5 times – the crust always has black parts– it’s the way it’s supposed to be. Research neopolitan pizza. Your tastebuds may not be sophisticated enough for this kind of pie.

  17. Epifiano – so sorry to hear you were not happy with your pizza last night. If you let me know what time you were in and if you remember your server’s name I can at least track down that issue (jjerrier@ilcanerosso.com).

    If it was last night, we were down a pizzamaker due to a large offsite catering event so I was largely restricted to the pizza pit – though I did try to get out and talk to some parties I didn’t make it through the whole restaurant. Last night was definitely an off night as I was suffering from severe Mavs game distraction. I try to check the bottoms and sides of every pizza, but a few may have slipped through.
    The oven can more easily burn pizza bottoms if we are not running a high volume (like during a Mavs game) as the floor tends to get superheated when no pizzas are on it. I am always happy to remake your pizza in 90 seconds, just give us the opportunity.

    Who knows if our pizza is the “best”, but I do know that our team is very passionate about it, and we are always disappointed to hear about a bad experience. We hope you’ll give us another try.

  18. Love Zanata in Plano, it’s my new favorite restaurant. Yummy pizza and cocktails are insanely good- I had a Hemingway with a lavender like liquor. The only thing I would change is the ultra crass and trashy waitress who told my 2 girlfriends and I about her one night stand. Gag.

  19. We tried Mesa last Saturday. I was very impressed with everything throughout the whole meal. Loved it!

  20. Tonight, Zanata in (old downtown) Plano, rocked my tummy tum tum. Had the pig and fruit pizza, pork marsala special, fruit and cheese sampler. But my favorite was the $9/glass Albarino white wine. We had a new server, she did a really good job for her first night. 15th street is an amazing area at night, and only a block from DART station. We’ll be back to try some other places!

  21. Lunch today at Ming Place China Bistro in the little strip at the corner of Inwood Road and Lemmon Avenue.
    Delicious hot and sour soup and a HUGE bowl of Dan-Dan noodles which also came with fried noodle strips, a crispy egg roll and, edamame. With ice tea the total came to $9.50 plus tax and tip.
    The bowl of Dan-Dan noodles was so large, I couldn’t finish it. I took the leftovers home for dinner.

  22. @Twinwillow: I think I just found a new place to try for lunch. That sounds awesome.

  23. Spent the afternoon at Snider Plaza. Lunch at Penne Pomodoro. Had dinner there before and it wasn’t noteworthy. This time had their Muffalata with a salad. It was delicious. I asked for a little balsamic dressing on the side to dip the sandwich in. It was awesome. Took half of it home, it’s a big sandwhich. Dessert was had at Creme de la Cookie – red velvet cake ball and a Nutella brownie. (shared it). No dinner! Burp….

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