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Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas Introduces Q de Cheval

Chef Rex Turner at Queue de Cheval in the Intercontinental Hotel.

Changes are afoot at the  Intercontinental Hotel Dallas on Dallas Parkway in Addison. Restaurant Monte Carlo is no more it has been replaced by Q de Cheval. The name is apparently based on “la queue de cheval” or, Tail of the Horse. Although the official web site still spells it “Monte Carlo.” Oh well, the menu is different.

Incoming chef Rex Turner (formerly of Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse, Cole Vines, and Villa-O) combines southwestern influences with popular proteins to give patrons a taste of Texas without taking them too far out of their element. Below is is a picture gallery of some things we sampled at a recent meal for the food press.

Guava BBQ Duck Quesadillas
Crispy Bandera Quail (tossed in ancho-chipotle honey, scallion buttermilk biscuit)
Texas Shrimp Cocktail (Spicy tomato tequila gazpacho, mango habanero and cajun remoulade with jumbo shrimp)
Prime New York Strip (balsamic cippollini onions, Gristmill Farms Bleu Cheese grits)
Poached Alaskan Halibut (topped with cool cucumber dill relish, yukon roasted potatoes)
Chicken Fried Maine Lobster (served with Yukon Mashed Potatoes and ancho chili gravy)
Tres Leches Cake
Chef Rex Turner

One comment on “Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas Introduces Q de Cheval

  1. I can vouch for the Halibut with cucumber/dill sauce. It was a great choice for me, since I have a gluten allergy. The Halibut is simply scrumptious!