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Making Dallas Even Better

Coquerel Family Wine Estates and Chef Dean Fearing Start Auction Napa Valley with a Texas Bang

Chef Dean Fearing with Clay Cockerell The sun was setting just as dinner started in the picturesque Napa Valley vineyards Texas natives Brenda and Clay Cockerell with Chef Dean Fearing cooking up a Texas sized barbecue paired with Brenda and Clay’s Coquerel Family Wine.  With local folk/country Juliane Band playing favorites from Willie, Patsy and Loretta under a […]

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Auction Napa Valley Brings in $7.3 Million For Charity and Gives Guests a Lavish Weekend of Wine and Food

The last sold shout comes out from Wine Auctioneer pro Fritz Hatten on a drenched but joyous group of over 800 Auction Napa Valley  guests dawning rubber boots and Napa wine festive attire celebrating the 31styear of the wine and dine weekend benefiting local Napa Valley charities.  $7.3 million was raised over the 4 day […]

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Quick Report: Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market

Forgive me as I step up on my soap box for a minute. Last Sunday, I took my family to lunch at Pecan Lodge Catering in Shed 2 of the Dallas Farmers Market. I’m a long-time supporter of local farmers and both D Magazine and SideDish have promoted many of the events, cooking classes, and […]

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Wine Classes at Bijoux in Dallas: First Up, Bordeaux

The Bordeaux region of France is one of the great wine producing regions of the world. However, language differences and an arcane classification system can make it difficult for new wine enthusiasts to come to grips with the wines. Where do you turn for reliable, informed advice free from commercial bias? One answer is top-rated […]

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How to Identify Genetically Modified Food at the Grocery Store

A loyal Disher (h/t DG) sends  a link to a recent newsletter by Dr. Dirt. His parents know him as Howard Garrett, the multi-media writer/talker of all things growing. Anywhoo, Dr. Dirt has a quick guide to identifying genetically modified food in the grocery store. So if you’d like a little less Monsanto in your […]

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