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Restaurant Review: Lockhart’s Smokehouse in Dallas

Ribs from Lockhart's Smokehouse in Dallas. Photo by Kevin Marple.

Daniel Vaughn’s take on Lockhart’s Smokehouse in Oak Cliff. Kevin Marple performs magic (above) with his camera.

No forks. Use this as an excuse to get more familiar with your brisket on a primal level rather than a reason to struggle with spoons and knives as many diners insist on doing. The restaurant doesn’t offer barbecue sauce either. The folks here claim it’s an homage to the sacred smoked meat temples of Central Texas, and although the owners have offered blanket amnesty to those who insist on smuggling in their own bottles, there’s no need. Tender and smoky Black Angus brisket slices with a layer of beautifully rendered fat cap demand to be consumed, salty fat and all, without forks or sauce. Unfamiliar to Dallasites is the beef clod, which is a shoulder cut rich in intramuscular fat.

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  • Twinwillow

    Lunch there today. The ribs and “moist” brisket were exemplary! The more I go, the better it gets. Pricey, yes! 3 ribs and 1/4 lb of brisket with cole slaw and ice tea: $19.95. But it beats having to drive 400 miles round trip to Lockhart for virtually the same thing.

  • Daisy Buchanan

    You know it must be good if they don’t do bbq sauce :] As a recently re-located Austinite whose spent many a weekend in Elgin and Lockhart, I can’t wait to give this place a try! I hope it lives up to its sacred moniker.

  • Cellarmaster

    OK BBQ. So they don’t have forks or BBQ sauce. Fine. BUT, having iced tea from a fountain is deplorable and downright inexcusable(and just gross btw). I boycott on principle. Brew your own tea and I’ll be back with my bottle of Stubb’s or Rudy’s sauce in hand!