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  1. Brunch at Parigi on Saturday. They had a grilled chicken special with a mole-type sauce. I literally could have eaten a bowl of that sauce alone – it was deep & flavorful and pretty much awesome.
    Dragonfly at Zaza for brunch on Sunday. The egg sandwich was the perfect cure to my late night, and I had a front row seat to the show at the pool. Where do these people come from? And how do they have jobs?
    La Duni (Oak Lawn) for lunch on Monday. I can’t remember the name of my sandwich but it was basically a latin philly cheesesteak sandwich. Money. And it’s never too early in the day to finish off a piece of quatros leches.
    Mansion for a birthday dinner on Monday. As expected, it was pretty quiet there for dinner on Memorial Day evening. Service was great, and the food was impressive overall. Started with the lobster risotto (the flavors were great here, but the risotto wasn’t quite done), then oysters, then the duck breast/duck confit combo. But the real star of the evening was the dessert – some sort of peanut chocolate masterpiece that left me wanting seconds. I’ll be back for that dessert and a glass of wine when my wallet recovers.

  2. Jimmy’s!! After 2 years of living a stones throw from Jimmy’s, I FINALLY experienced the greatness of their cuban and muffaletta sandwiches. Had the pleasure of both because my boyfriend was nice enough to share. Also bought some Jimmy’s pickled green beans and okra because they make fantastic stirring sticks in my bloody marys. I’ve got a serious craving for another cuban. And now a bloody mary. Damn you, 9:20am!

  3. Just a small tip- the sandwiches (paninis) at the new Highland Park Village Theater are AMAZING. They are made my Tre Wilxoc, the chef at Marquee, the new restaurant next door (I asked). It seems weird to go to a movie and order a sandwich because.. isn’t it going to be horribly messy?? And maybe should I just get some twizzlers and nachos? No. These paninis are compact and wrapped in a heavy paper that keeps them from dripping. My boyfriend and I each got one. I had the salami and provolone- mmmm tasty goodness. I keep trying to convince myself that it’s okay to pick up dinner from the movie concession stand without seeing a movie. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. Trust.

  4. Mesa last Saturday night.
    Corn Tortillas (best I’ve had outside Mexico)
    Lentil Soup
    Masa Tartlets
    Ribs in Chile Sauce

    Duck with Mole. Mole was too sweet for me, but that just might be me

    Not good:
    Snapper with tomato/garlic/caper/olive sauce, Rubbery fish, and a very bland sauce. It kind of tasted like a Tuesday night dinner from a mediocre home cook.

    Oxtail with hoja santa sauce. The sauce was great, but the oxtail itself was inedible. I am not very familiar with this cut of meat, but it was sinewy, and tough.

    Service was young, bumbling and very sincere. They are really trying.

    Air Conditioning was an issue, it reminded me of Urbano before they got new air conditioning. Quite hot !!

  5. The bf and I tried out the new Dodie’s on Greenville on Wednesday night. “Letdown” sums up the experience. Shrimp cocktail was 5 measly shrimp laying on top of shredded lettuce, barely any cocktail sauce drizzled on top. I would have preferred a small ramekin to decide my own amount of cocktail sauce. The bf ordered Bang Bang Shrimp = terrible. They were just tiny fried shrimp with buffalo wing sauce. No good. I had the gumbo, which was actually pretty good until I found about half of a shrimp shell in my mouth that had made its way into the gumbo bowl.

    I have nothing at all against ladies of a larger stature, but several of the waitresses were bigger girls and ALL wearing teeny, tiny, cellulite showing, booty shorts. It seemed inappropriate for a restaurant and downright unappetizing. I was wondering if short shorts were a requirement? The really trashy part was the Jim Beam “shot girls” who were meandering around the tables in paper thin, Halloween costume-looking, super short dresses, hocking free shots to everyone- including the dads of families with several small children. These poor dads appeared so caught off guard, some laughed and said no thank you, some were downright irritated that these scantily clad, overly made up chicks would even approach a table with 3 children under the age of 7 and offer the newest Jim Beam shot. The wives were not fans either. It brought an air of “low rent” to the scene.

    All in all, we will not be returning. The bf will eat just about anything and go anywhere, but even he was very turned off by the food, service (was very slow- app came out at same time as entrees), and atmosphere. It was a shame. I was so excited for the new location. Maybe it will get better??

  6. Annual solitary birthday dinner at Fearing’s last Friday…first time there…wonderful, friendly service…barbecued shrimp taco to start, buffalo tenderloin next, which was superb – a lot happening on this plate…taquito filled with butternut squash, cooked greens, jalapeño grits, etc. – more than I needed – all that plus three glasses of a nice Malbec left no room for dessert – they all seemed a little heavy –
    Also a shout-out to happy hour at Sí Tapas – lots of interesting things to try at $2 a throw and happy hour prices on an OK tempranillo – good service and pleasant surroundings – should have been a lot more people there…

  7. Big week for DGirl Dining. The Grape for Birthday dinner. Damn. Good. Really loved the house charcuterie! Wuld like to mainline Luscher’s boursin. Austrians in town for four days – Railhead BBQ in Ft. Worth. Greatness. The Mansion on Sunday night – packed! Must have been a lot of people still in town for Romo’s wedding. Jonah Crab and avocado appetizer – lord. It looks like a small green pumpkin but it’s avocado surrounding crab meat. Caviar and grapefruit to accent. Also had the lobster risotto as my meal and it was perfect. The Austrians loved The Mansion’s Branzino. Sunday night – Al Biernet’s. The steak was a bit salty but fab as always. Austrian Papa had a Dry Aged KC strip rare and was blown away by it. Smashburger was also well received. We’re all beefed out but they wanted Texas beef and they loved it!

  8. Nana last night. Delicious fresh strawberry martini (OK, I love fruity drinks, hate me), tried a few things on the bar appetizer menu. Something with the most amazing spanish ham, manchego, marinated olives. And enjoyed the best view of downtown Dallas in the entire city.

    Dee’s last night, after Nana. Lemon raspberry martinis, tried the meatballs and the sushi pizza. The upstairs was full of youngbodies watching the start of the game.

  9. Had a completely lackluster meal at Tukta Thai, Could NOT believe it after all the raving I’d heard about it. Maybe we ordered the wrong things? Husband and I were more than disappointed.

  10. Last night, first dinner at Bolsa. Solid as always, and I’m in love with the Mad Hatter cocktail. I always really like my waiters there. Second dinner at Cedars Social. Great cocktails; food is above average.

  11. @ jessica…dunno…altho’ it has been interesting over the years to see how “nicer” restaurants treat single diners…

  12. Lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse today. The ribs and “moist” brisket were exemplary! The more I go, the better it gets. Pricey, yes! 3 ribs and 1/4 lb of brisket with cole slaw and ice tea: $19.95. But it beats having to drive 400 miles round trip to Lockhart for virtually the same thing.

  13. Lucia’s last night. YES it is worth making reservations a month ahead- inventive and delicious food! Can’t wait to go back

  14. Party of 6 to Lucia Wednesday night. It was everything it has been cracked up to be – food superb, service exemplary. I couldn’t go too often or maybe I would eventually settle down and not eat so much! A fine evening.

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