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The Velvet Taco to Open in Dallas

There is some mighty big bragging on the soon-to-open Velvet Taco’s website. Due to open in July, they claim:

A new kind of taco is coming. A taco that will change your world. A taco that will change the world.

I can’t wait for the world to change.  I hope it will be one without douchey bars and taco gourmet burger cupcakes. See you at 3012 Henderson Avenue in July.

17 comments on “The Velvet Taco to Open in Dallas

  1. No cupcakes, and no physical bar … but we’ll have plenty to drink. Velvet Taco will welcome all, morning, noon, and night – even those urban denizens from “douchey bars”.

  2. Nancy, Two occurrences of “douchey” in the span of 30 minutes. Rough day, hon? Hang in there!

  3. I can assure you that no velvet taco will ever come near my mouth. Now a velvet burrito? Now we’re talkin’.

  4. Brandy, the word is stuck in my head like a song that won’t go away. Give me 24 hours and I’ll have another. Jane, you made my day. Luscious brain.

  5. What on earth is wrong with the barbecue at Dickey’s? Is it the lack of cocktails?

  6. So it’d be OK if the barbecue place in question was named Cockey’s?

    Color me confused…

  7. I thought the world was going to change two weeks ago with the Rapture. Guess it’s gonna be tacos. Anyway, on in March, I wrote about Velvet Taco opening. Here are the details: Check it out.

  8. So…. if a velvet taco and ****ey’s had a one night stand, what would it be called?

  9. So tacky when other blogs do what that guy did above. Attention deprived? Comments are more fun here! Oh Tinkerbe tell us! A velvet Elvis?