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Newest Culinary Vision to Hit New York: Neurogastronomy


When Ferran Adrià closes El Bulli on July 31, culinary connoisseurs across the globe will mourn its death.  But they won’t  feel bad for long. Dr. Miguel Sánchez Romera, a Spanish neurologist and chef has a cure. In June, he will leave L’Esguard, outside Barcelona, to make his debut in the “kitchen” at Romera in New York. His vision: we eat with our brains not our stomach, hence: Neurogastronomy. Dr. Romera’s cuisine makes El Bulli sound like McDonald’s. Wall Street Journal writer Kathy McLaughlin, reports:

I was starving when we started, but by the end of the tasting, I was sated, stuffed even. Amazing, considering that I’d not eaten a single bite of food and consumed almost no calories. The chef’s entire presentation consisted of multicolored waters, served in tiny cordial stemware, warmed to just over body temperature and flavored with ingredients he’d bought at the farmer’s market.

Anywhoo, here is the whole story. Shall we look for pricey white plates filled with colorful food/water in Dallas, oh say, around never?

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