Somebody Help This Poor Girl: San Antonio

A happy husband and wife are headed to San Antonio to celebrate their anniversary. Wifey-pooh wants some dining recommendations. Help her please.

I’m looking for some of the best eats in San Antonio.   My husband & I will be at the JW Marriott next weekend and oddly enough, neither of us have actually stayed in SA – just driven through.  We will for sure want to venture outside of the resort and see what SA has to offer.  We’re open to any price range but are particularly looking for a place to celebrate our anniversary.

20 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: San Antonio

  1. Beto’s (on Broadway, just inside 410) – I go there every time I’m in SA. Great empanadas, fish tacos and more.

  2. Biga’s on the Banks is amazing. Don’t remember the waitor’s name, but ask for the guy that’s been there forever. Order whatever he suggests and enjoy!

  3. Silo on Loop 1604 is very good and not too far from your hotel. I would also recommend El Mirasol or Luke (Luke is on the riverwalk).

  4. Biga on the Banks is indeed amazing. If you don’t mind a no-res place, il Sogno is fantastic and more than worth the potential wait. For lunch, go to Dough (opening in Dallas soon). La Frites is worth checking out too. @Golfnfashion

  5. Grey Moss Inn, on Senic Loop Road. Not easy to find but good steaks, game in a setting you’ll remember.

  6. I second the Boudros and Biga recommendations. Don’t miss the prickly pear marg at Boudros. I think John Besh has a new SA restaurant (Luke) but I haven’t been there yet. His NOLA restaurants are some of my favorites (esp August).

  7. Liberty Bar. It’s in a new location in King William. The goat cheese appetizer is awesome. Chela’s Taco Trailer is on UTSA Blvd and very good. They are breakfast and lunch only.

  8. Definitely The Lodge in Castle Hills. Beautiful setting among trees and wildlife, fantastic food. NOT just another big fancy restaurant. Very romantic.

  9. Mi Tierra at the Market is my favorite tex-mex restaurant in the world – and I big love tex-mex food, so that is saying a lot! :) It is open 24/7, and if you like pan dulce – they have that too.

  10. Grey Moss Inn in Helotes is fantastic (food and setting). A bit off the beaten path, but well worth the drive. I make it a point to visit every time I am in San Antonio. In fact, I have the link saved as one of my favorites even though I only use it once or twice a year!

  11. The new Pearl Brewery development has a number of restaurants (some of them listed above), and all fantastic. I love the bakery there, which is staffed by alumni of the Culinary Institute of America, which is also located in the brewery. Not a reservation type of place, but saturday morning there is a weekly farmer’s market in the parking lot of the Pearl Brewery and it’s a great place to get pastry and an acqua fresca and relax a bit.

  12. Ok, listen to me. I’m a foodie & from SA.

    - Il Sogno, fantastic Italian in the Pearl Brewery. No other restaurants there are good.

    - La Fogata, excellent atmosphere & margaritas…the foods good too! Mi Tierra in downtown is just to get the Mexican cultural experience, the food is bad there.

    - want a little of everything, try anything at Jason Dady’s restaurants. The Lodge, Tre Trattoria, BIN 555 or Two Bros BBQ Restaurant.

    And you must stop by Bill Miller’s BBQ for a sweet tea to go on your drive. This should cover you well.

  13. I’ve stayed there. The recommendations on downtown places are good, but it’s really a long drive from there. The recommendtaion for Silo on 1604 is great — probably the best choice for something reasonably close. Check out their menu online. We ate there and really liked it. Another choice is 18 Oaks, a steak place at the hotel. Steaks were very good.
    Grey Moss is a neat place, but it’s 30 miles away