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7 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Had City Street Grille Tuesday-got the Rolled Gold. Thursday I had the best ruben sandwich I have ever eaten from Gandolfosdeli truck. I got two of each-one for me and one for my employees to try. Everyone raved about both. Looking forward to eating from both again and more food truck choices.

  2. Nosh – First time visit. A fabulous meal from beginning to end. Pork Belly appetizer special was dreamy and humongous. Highly recommend either the short rib or the duck confit. Place reminded me of my favorites: the Neighborhood Services trio. So, so good.

    The Commissary – The infamous service issues stayed away from our visit, and I had one of the best burgers in town. I now preach the gospel of the C-Vap cooking method on the burgers. This was probably the most perfect medium burger I’ve ever had. Stunningly well cooked. I got the Farmer, which among other things includes a DUCK egg. If you like a fried egg on your burger, you must try this burger. The duck egg delivers an ocean of buttery yolk, ensuring every bite is pure heaven. And the fries are good, too. I hate how far away it is from me, but I will be back.

    Whiskey Cake – One of our new favorites. The Hippie Stack, BBQ Bahn Mi and OMG Burger are all outrageously good. The Whiskey Cake dessert is good too, but we prefer the similar-but-better Sticky Toffee Pudding at The Londoner Pub in Allen.

  3. MESA — delicious. Great service, great food, great drinks. The mole entree with the duck leg is amazing.

  4. Vietnam Restaurant. Om nom nom nom. Get in my belly.

    @Gipson – that was bold, going for the Commissary on your anniversay weekend. I salute you, sir! And I’m glad it worked out.

  5. @Downtownist – Haha. I really did plan on doing Nova, but looking at the menu, I realized I couldn’t have the experience I wanted at Nova on the remaining weekend budget I had. In other words, I couldn’t afford everything I wanted. The Commissary, considering the chef and location, is VERY reasonable, and I was fortunate enough to have a prompt and friendly service. Not a single missed beat in food or service. Really a great time.

  6. I’ve heard from several people now that service at the Commissary is improving. Maybe all these critiques are being taken to heart (although I’ll be getting my burgers at Whiskey Cake for the foreseeable future). And apparently The Commissary doesn’t seat parties of 4 or more?

    Anyway – lunch at Vietnam Restaurant. Excellent vermicelli and egg rolls. The next day, lunch across the street at Bangkok City. Excellent spicy basil sauce.

    Dinner tonight at Chamberlain’s Steak House, my hands-down favorite in town (and I’ve tried pretty much all of them). Very excited.

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