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Eat This Now: Dessert at The French Room in Dallas

Vhocolate caramel mousse dome at the French Room in Dallas.

Just hearing the words “The French Room” may be enough to send your wallet running for cover, but sometimes you just need to splurge.  To be honest, before my first visit to the French Room, I was under the impression that you were paying more for the ambiance, service, and glitz rather than top-notch food.  But with the endless string of accolades this hotel and restaurant have acquired, I felt I owed it to myself to try it once.   To my surprise, the entire experience was simply superb.  Sure, men are required to wear jackets, your food is presented under a metal domes, and the grand dining room is arrayed with paintings of baby-faced cherubs, but beyond the spectacle, the food fully lives up to the fanfare.

Jump for goodies created by pastry chef Joe Garza.

The vanilla soufflé at the French Room in Dallas.

But what I feel obligated to mention today is the desserts.  Essentially, they put out one of the finest dessert menus in the city.

The soufflés are easily the greatest I have ever eaten.  Perfectly light and airy, but with enough substance to make you feel like you aren’t just sucking down air.  The vanilla soufflé with sweet marscapone cream and buttercream glaze was phenomenal.  The cream softly melts into the pillow-like soufflé, suspended on top for a moment as if to speak out, “Come and get me, I know you want me.” It’s one of the sexiest desserts you could put in your mouth.

Next came the chocolate caramel mousse dome.  Here elegance and flavor collide, leaving an explosion of flavor in your mouth that makes the Big Bang sound like a firecracker. The dish is finished with a sliver of almond nougat, caramelized banana, and warm rum jus. Did I mention I am a total sucker for banana?  Another dish not to be missed.

Chocolate cake paired with house-made caramel corn ice cream.

The peanut butter chocolate cake paired with house made caramel corn ice cream was no slouch either. However, as this was The Mrs.’ dish, trying to get more than 2 bites was like trying to wrestle a T-bone from the mouth of a pit bull.

Lastly, these fine people serve you complimentary French macaroons.  Strawberry, key lime, and vanilla all danced around the table as each person sampled these perfectly executed French delicacies.

So next time your friend Warren Buffet offers to take you to dinner, grab your jacket, shine your Bentley and see for yourself why the French Room remains a Dallas legend.

8 comments on “Eat This Now: Dessert at The French Room in Dallas

  1. This is easily the best restaurant in Dallas and one of the top dining rooms in North America. The desserts are “to die for.” It’s great to see The French Room’s pastry chef recognized. Bravo, Chef Garza!

  2. There’s a reason the French Room is so highly rated in Dallas. It’s fabulous, just like these desserts are. The unforgettable food and great service are not to be missed!

  3. The reviewer hit it right on. Chef Garza is absolutely wonderful. The desserts are incredible and each one is perfection. We are so lucky to have him in our city! I can not wait to go back to The French Room.

  4. Chef Garza can really cook it up! Great Review! Great Desserts and Great Times!!!