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The Opening of Chef RedFork In Dallas is Delayed

It was supposed to open in April and it looks like it won’t happen in May.  RedFork, the restaurant of Jeff Harris, the former chef de cuisine at Craft Dallas, is delayed. I stopped by the restaurant’s construction site on Fitzhugh just south of Henderson, and  found  it bare. There are no tables, no shelves behind the bar, and no bars on the window like its neighbors. Perhaps Harris’s will to “do his own thing”with New American Cuisine at RedFork will make it a hot foodie destination and Harris will be credited with Henderson-izing Fitzhugh.

Jump for my summary and photo.Harris is, in my opinion, along with Brian Luscher (Grape), Vijay Sadhu (Sutra), Esther Say (Blue Ginger Garden), and David Trubenbach (Asador) among the most under-appreciated chefs in town. He was hampered at Craft by the stricture to cook OPF (Other People’s Food) but he showed his virtuosity and creative élan at numerous charity events. This will be one exciting opening.

No furniture at RedFork

10 comments on “The Opening of Chef RedFork In Dallas is Delayed

  1. What did Jeff Harris have to say about the situation? Shouldn’t you have given him a call?

  2. The Henderization of Fitzhugh! Please. That is a huge dis-service. Henderson Ave a bar hang for twenty somethings as if they don’t already have enough places to ruin

  3. If they succeed on this part of Fitzhugh, (and of course, I hope they do) they will be real “pioneers” in this section of town. Hopefully, other good restaurants will take advantage of the (relatively) cheaper rent on this part of Fitzhugh and give the Henderson Avenue restaurants some good competition. Living just a few blocks away, I have a vested interest on this part of town for my own epicurean enjoyment.

  4. Also, I just wanted to say I totally agree with Pilar.
    Let Fitzhugh Avenue be for food. Not, flirting.