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Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Sharon Hage to Chef at Place at Perry’s in Dallas

Good morning, SideDish Nation. I’d like to begin this fine day with a rumor. True or false? Sharon Hage is going to be the new chef at the Place at Perry’s which has plans to move into new digs across the street. I’ll be back in a minute with the answer. (If you get bored, count how many times I used “at” in this post.)

UPPITY DATE: “False-ish,” Hage said. She has been asked to “explore a menu refresh.” The gig is only for a week.

  • James

    I didn’t know they were moving… Where to Nancy? Also, what’s going into the old Maguires space right behind the Place at Perry’s?

  • the_sneeb
  • littleloo

    Ale house, pooh! I still miss Maguire’s Uptown. **crying**

  • Steven C

    I second James’ question: where is the new Place @ Perry’s location? Also, per the cravedfw link above, is Hully & Mo’s closing?

  • Josh

    They are moving to the Gables across the street

  • Molly

    I wish they would stay where they are… it’s one of my favorite spots right now, but I think the Gables space will be awkward. And the parking!