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20 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Despite the warnings about the service, I tried out The Commissary with a friend on Sunday before a show at the Wyly. We should have heeded the warnings. We were seated right away, but that was the only good thing about our visit. We had to ask for a server, for water, for drinks (and then ask again when they didn’t come) to order, and for the check. No one seemed to be waiting on anyone. It was almost like a joke. They were out of the short rib burger, which was the main reason we went. The burger I did get was fine, but certainly nothing to praise. I simply CANNOT believe that John Tesar is running such an inept crew of servers. It really is almost ridiculous. Fire the whole lot and start again, or simply shutter the place, as it seems that the staff doesn’t really care either way.

  2. Nothing exciting this week, but this weekend should be good. The wife and I are celebrating 5 years today, so we’re doing it up this weekend. Nosh tonight, something good tomorrow too. I was thinking of trying The Commissary burger bar, but Steven C’s note about them being out of the rib burger is worrisome. That’s the reason I plan to go as well.

  3. I had a wonderful dinner at Recess in Indianapolis. ( Fabulous new-ish place that has a fixed menu with mostly local ingredients; menu changes every day. Four course dinner with wine pairings. My dinner was salad with roasted tomatoes and potatoes and mozzarella; shetland island salmon over asparagus and a red pepper puree; lamb tenderloins with broccoli and oyster mushrooms; and strawberry rhubarb sorbet with shortcake. Definitely put it on your list if you make it to the Hoosier State. Headed to Lucia tomorrow night; very excited about that.

  4. Want to try a delicious Vietnamese sandwich? The Nammi truck is going to be at the Deep Ellum Open Market selling Banh No from their gourmet food truck. Their sandwiches are awesome!

  5. Lunch at Twisted Root in Deep Ellum. I give it a solid meh. $15 for a seasonless buffalo burger, some chips, and an iced tea?! Give me a break.

    Dinner AND lunch at Vietnam Restaurant on Bryan/Peak. I am a bun cha addict. Will probably be back tomorrow to work off my hangover from tonight’s Portugal. the Man show at the Granada.

  6. @Gipson – don’t mar your anniversary with The Commissary! Seriously, save your inevitable frustration and disappointment for another non-occasion time. If you’re looking for something low key, I’d go with Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum, Nova in Oak Cliff, or Lumi on McKinney Ave.

  7. Had a fantastic dinner at Nosh. Started with the potato latke with housemade lox and tuna tatare. Moved on to the grilled romaine salad with crab (fantastic and reasonably priced at $10–was enough to spilt between 2 people for a starter salad). Ended with the grilled lamb, which was some of the tastiest I’ve ever had. Overall, prices were very reasonable for the food quality. Only complaint is that the restaurant is VERY loud.

  8. @Downtownist – Thanks. I’m familiar with the terrible service rep, and I was worried about that. Nova is a good recommendation. Cane Rosso is great, of course, but we’ve been. Wanted to keep it all new this weekend. Nova’s a great call. Might have to do that. Thanks!

  9. I called April 1 and got the first available reservation to Lucia on May 18 at 9 p.m. Love the place, everything about it. Spot-on service; it was nice to get vegetable sides that weren’t the usual carrots/ zuchinni/brocolli; delicious squash blossoms. Overall a cool vibe. I will go again probably when it’s not necessary to wait six weeks for a reservation.

  10. Great dinner at Lucia with friends. We all ordered something different and sampled each other’s meals (well, I couldn’t talk one friend out of ordering MY gnocci, so we had two of those). Highly recommend!

  11. Went to Marquee Grill and had a wonderful time. We were given a tour of the restaurant and introduced to staff and the whole time we were treated like we’re something special…and we’re just your average Jane and Joe. The food was wonderful (Lobster and Pea risotto…hello!) and my husband has not stopped talking about his perfect Manhatten.

  12. Dinner at Lucia. Very nice food. Service was not up to the same standard as the food. Our waiter even rolled her eyes after my friend asked her a question about a dish.

  13. Marquee Shrimp and Grits. Damn, Tre. You got it down. Steak was pretty good too but that gritz rocked my world. @StevenC – dude, don’t be shocked that Tesar is involved in a failed service effort. He isn’t a good leader and I hear he’s doing an Extreme Chef tv show so maybe he’s not in the kitchem much. Grape last week was good – damn good as always. And THAT my friends, is where you need to go to get your burger. It’s a sure thing.

  14. Maxim’s for dim sum lunch with my “lunch gang” Thursday. Don’t waste your time or, money! Yuk! Make that, double yuk!

  15. Very late (3:00PM) dim sum lunch at Hong Kong Royal on Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was basically empty and it was well after normal lunch service but they happily and graciously saw that we were well served. Excellent stuffed eggplant, steamed clams in broth, spinach and shrimp dumplings and steamed Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. It was too late for a few things we asked for but we’ll be back for sure. This place kills Maxim’s.

    Monday lunch at Malai Kitchen in the West Village. Better than expected little crispy egg rolls and delicious shrimp Pad Thai. The Pad Thai was only $11.00 and it netted me two meals.

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