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5 comments on “Travel + Leisure Ranks Dallas 14th Behind Savannah and Portland for Best Burgers

  1. ok, anyone who has lived in both Austin and Dallas will tell you that the latter is far superior. Clearly, the Austin lovefest continues…

  2. Is Dallas not a likeable town? We seem to get hosed in every national ranking that has to do with food. Do people outside of Dallas think that Jerry Jones also runs the restaurant business so they lump us in with the hated Cowboys?

  3. Portland is a very good burger town, but being ranked behind Savannah is just plain insane. And, any list that has Salt Lake City ahead of 18 other cities for burgers….or, well, anything, is immediately subject to ridicule. Of course, all these “rankings” do is generate debate and anyone can see the biggest flaw in T&L’s methodology (they only visited 35 cities), which leaves out great burger burgs like Omaha.

  4. As a veteran producer of best of lists I can only say I’m glad I don’t work for a national magazine. It is nearly impossible to do a “real” best list in a city much less a state or city. I know a lot of you think our best food lists are ad driven. But they aren’t. We eat everything we write about. Every city has great burgers. Stupid list. next