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International Bakery Cuban Dulceria in Carrollton Celebrates Glamorous Cuba

Rita and Sara Vazquez and their fabulous pastries.

Rita and Sara Vazquez, the two smart and sassy gals behind the counter at International Bakery Cuban Dulceria, are throwing a three-day festival (May 19, 20 and 21 from 9:00am to 5:00pm) to honor the glamorous days in Cuba. They have invited Cuban artists, vendors, and musicians and there will be food. Lots of traditional Cuban food. The menu so far includes:

Cuban food from International Bakery Cuban Dulceria serving El Cuban, Pan con Lechon (pork sandwiches), Media Noche (midnight sandwich) and others plus pastel de carne, croquetas, papa rellenas (stuffed potato ball), mariquitas (plantain chips) and much more. Quench your thirst with traditional Cuban soft drinks like Iron beer (iron beer), Materva (mate), and Jupiña (pineapple). And of course enjoy the cold taste of Coca-Cola, whose first plant out of the U.S. was in Cuba. Savor our Families Favorites -pastelitos de Guayaba y Queso (Guava&Cheese pastry), Guayaba (Guava pastry) Pastelitos de Coco (Coconut pastry) & more. Dulces Finos, Capuchinos (drenched cones-cakes) Senoritas (Napoleons) Éclairs de Carmelo (Carmeled Éclair plus Éclairs de Chocolate (Chocolate Éclair)

Cuba Nostalia menu.

Tastings from Bustelo Supremo! Goya! And cigar rolling! Music. Call 972-242-3797 for more info.

11 comments on “International Bakery Cuban Dulceria in Carrollton Celebrates Glamorous Cuba

  1. Wow, no date or time, very informative. I see the number to call, but you would at least think a date might be included.

  2. This is so great! I’m so happy for your success!!! I’m so glad for a taste of Cuba in Dallas-

    We’ll try to stop then! Besos- Bea

  3. We couldn’t believe the line out the door for lunch on a Saturday not too long ago. Their sandwiches and pastry’s are delicioso!

  4. I go their all the time to grab a cuban sandwich to go. Great for a quick work week lunch. I love the place.

  5. Gracias, look forward to seeing you on the May 19,20 or 21st! Gracias from International Bakery Cuban Dulceria!

  6. This is awesome!!! Looking forward to some great food and good-old friendly conversations…lets not forget a little cortadito :)