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21 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. I already mentioned it in the Commissary post brouhaha, but had lunch there on Monday. My fancy sous vide burger was very good, as well as the (I assume) homemade pickles. I won’t be returning until service is straightened out, however.

    Lunch on Wednesday at Stephen Pyles. Epitome of good service and great food. I’d be content to eat an entire bowl of those polenta croutons by myself.

    Lunch yesterday at St. Anne’s. It’s a solid “meh.” The food isn’t half bad, but it isn’t half good, either. Was with a large group, so I tried the hummus, the chicken/bacon/jalepeno wrappers, and I had the pressed chicken sandwich. I like the ambience and can see the appeal of the patio. It’s a good lunch place because there’s basically something for everyone and when the weather is nice (it was overcast and rainy when we were there) I’m sure I’ll get drinks on the patio…along with half the citizens of Dallas.

  2. Also had lunch at the Commissary. Burger success, service fail.

    Dinner at Maple & Motor… so good and tasty. That cheeseburger hit the spot, and the Shiners were nice and cold. I may have to drag the Sig. O back there this weekend.

  3. Dinner at Fireside Pies. Crab claws were few and small, Caesar salad was flaccid (my daughter’s word for it!) and all three pizzas were burned. So, needless to say this was disappointing. The potato and caramelized onion pizza had great flavor and the wine pours were large but I’m going back to better pizzas at Upper Crust and Zanata.

  4. Dinner at NHS Tavern on Tuesday. Went for the soft-shell crab. Had one on a sandwich; it was ok, but not great. When this place first opened I thought the food was excellent, but my last 2 visits have been disappointing overall. And why did they remove the fabulous hanging flower/herb garden on the patio? Now it’s just ivy.

  5. Whiskey Cake again. Liked it the first time, and with the 2nd visit, it’s veering very near the “love” category. This place is great!

    Three of us shared the pulled pork slider app. Phenomenal combo: rich pork, sweet sauce, salty onion rings, soft bread, spicy pickle.

    Followed it up with the Banh Mi sandwich – huge and hugely flavorful. The traditional pickled veg was great, though it could have used a spicy element. Incredible crusty baguette. I also snatched a slice of my friend’s OMG Burger. The perfect juiciness, well-seasoned, awesome toppings. It’s among DFW’s best burgers.

    Service was friendly and attentive, although I did have two (minor) issues.

    #1 – I asked for no cilantro on my Banh Mi and was told it couldn’t be removed without removing everything else, because it was part of the mix. I didn’t want to lose the pickles (the soul of good Banh Mi), so I said to leave it. Sandwich arrived, definitely a separate component. Maybe the cilantro shares a bin with the arugula (maybe), but there was nothing about looking at it that said it couldn’t be easily avoided during construction. I picked it out.

    #2 – They need to be more clear about what comes with what. Both times I’ve been it has been asked what the sandwiches come with. Both times the answer has been “Our house-made kettle chips.” Cool. First time, Brunch Burger, no kettle chips. Okay, maybe ’cause it’s brunch. Second time, Banh Mi sandwich, no kettle chips. It’s cool if they don’t come with anything. Just, you know, be clear about that.

    I will be back and soon. This place is turning into a fast favorite.

  6. Also tried The Commissary. Not sure what service issues there were, but other than the really tight tables, the service was fine. Food was fantastic! Really great burger (I opted for the Farmers, after much debate, but I’ll head back for the Magic, soon.)

    Also, Roma’s Italian restaurant on Greenville is about as good (and cheap) a lunch special as you can find at an Italian joint. Great service, too.

    Had brunch at Taverna this past weekend (FW location, though). Very good (and the $1 mimosas didn’t disappoint) but wasn’t blown away as much as I wanted to be.

  7. ok the Commissary but went for the pork belly and collard green sliders – they were awesome. The bitterness of the greens cut through the richness of the pork belly in a really perfect balance.
    I am sue the service will improve soon. Our waiter was cheerful and trying hard but clueless on the wine and we did not get our first drinks until food was already on the table.

  8. Monday lunch, first visit to Nosh. Love the place: front of the house service and our waitress were really good. Food was good: hummus; tuna tartare; seared scallops; my friend liked his hamburger.
    Lunch at Serious Pizza, probably won’t go back. I ordered two slices of pizza (all self-serve) and a drink and it was almost $15. When I expressed my surprise to the new waitress, the owner (?) who was standing next to her kept silent. The pizza slices are on steroids, one slice is easily the size of two normal pizzas slices. The mute owner/manager should have/could have warned me, especially after my reaction to the price. Overall negative experience.

    Lunch yesterday at Stephan Pyles, and for about $5 more than my crappy lunch at Serious Pies, I had lunch in a beautiful setting, great waitstaff, and the food as always was really good.

  9. Finally tried Cane Rosso on Friday night. The pizza is above average. The mozzarella is delicious. The crust was average. It is probably my second fav pizza in town…First, being Campania.

    Went to Nosh on Sunday night. The food was surprisingly quite good: calamari, seared tuna, scallops, duck, burger. The tuna was matched with potato salad but was a really good fit. Prices are very reasonable. will def go back. My only complaint: the service was a bit pushy (really really wanted us to try the hummus and was pushy about it) and didn’t say thank you when we signed the bill.

  10. Went to Fireside Pies and had a fantastic meal with the family! Everyone was satisfied, with age groups ranging from 15 – 65. We had the Baked Goat Cheese and a wonderful pie with Burrata cheese. We loved all of our salads. Didn’t even know they are making their own pasta from scratch now!!! We ordered one lasagna for the table to share and it was truly magnificent. Desserts were stand-outs, especially the new Coconut dessert and the tiramisu. Of course the kids always go ga-ga for the cheesecake. We had a blast!…and the service is consistently excellent

  11. Great lunch at Lemongrass this Thursday. Excellent food and very reasonably priced.
    The charbroiled pork with lemongrass, vermicelli, lettuce, peanuts, cilantro and cucumber is my favorite at $9.95.
    Which includes, soup or a delicious salad and a sweet dessert.

    Nonna Tatta in Ft. Worth the night of the big storm. We were outside under the awning trying to stay dry and enjoy the home made pastacelli stuffed with braised short rib with butter and sage sauce.

  12. Esperanza’s (Joe T. relatives) in Fort Worth. Thumbs up to the migas. And the meal was incredibly affordable. Like $16 for two of us.

  13. It only took me 30 years to discover Cowboy Chicken, but now that I’ve found it I’m hooked. I just went with the veggie plate for lunch this week (amazing creamed spinach, fantastic green beans and incredible fried okra) but everything I’ve ordered in 5 or 6 visits over the past few months has been wonderful. Chicken enchiladas are fantastic!

  14. Would you people quit writing about Nosh! It is my secret for great food at middle of the road prices and its becoming too hard to get into the place (rumor has it Avner’s opening another one in Ft. Worth). Did manage to scarf a walk in this week and was impressed as usual (didn’t see anything over $75 on the wine list). Also tried the Marquee. Predictably good food along with big prices, but LOUD.

  15. Went to Smoke for the first time – had an incredible rundown with passion from Chef Tim and every single thing was delicious – wine list is perfect for the place – pork jowl bacon starter ridiculously good!!

  16. Friday night: tried to go to PHO but line was too long & we realized we’d be there for hours so went to Chaat Cafe for Chicken Wraps.

    Saturday night: NHS on Preston/Royal. We are creatures of habit & almost always order same thing every visit. Calamari/Shrimp Salad appetizer TDF which we share and Sat nite we both had London Broil cooked to perfection and a wonderful version of Strawberry Shortcake.

    And apparently Governor Perry and his party was enjoying dinner at NHS as well in the back room.

  17. Excellent ground beef Chili Relleno plate smothered with melted cheese and freshly made guacamole for lunch on Sunday.

    Delicious Maine lobster roll with a side of Asian cole slaw for lunch at Sea Breeze today.

  18. I’m sooooo sorry. The Chili Relleno was at Gonzalez Restaurant on Jefferson Ave. in Oak Cliff.

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