9 comments on “The Anti-In-N-Out Burger in Dallas Video

  1. Anyone trying to go today is an idiot. Period. Trust me, it’s good food but what were you thinking? Or were you just trying to piss on something that others like for the sake of being contrary?

    I’m not even a real In-N-Out devotee but…what’s with all the attitude?


  2. We are doing Kenny’s burger joint tomorrow. Better burger no big wait.

  3. (Kenny’s burgers also start at double the price and go up from there.)

    Maybe the fun was being a part of “the event”? Not for me though. The restaurants aren’t going anywhere, I’ll probably hit one up in a couple weeks.

  4. So, $2.05 for a cheeseburger and $30 in gas to get the cheeseburger. Brilliant.

  5. Kyle, Go get a new tint job! I couldnt see the In n Out burger joint for crap through ur bubbled tint job! I know this guy that will probably meet you at the In N Out burger parking lot and by the time you get your burger he’ll have ur tint job done!

  6. People need to get a grip about In-N-Out. It’s definitely NOT a fad or a stock market play (like Krispy Kreme), and to compare it to Snuffers is just bizarre. It’s FAST FOOD! Get a burger and fries there then get the same at McDonalds or Burger King and then you will know the difference, and why it is so revered.

    You can taste fresh. You can watch the potatoes being sliced right in front of you, then cooked. Compare that to the new fries at Wendys, that are cooked once at the warehouse, then cooked again at the store, with who knows how many chemicals added in between.

  7. Thank you Sammy. For the blogger to suggest a restaurant that has been around since the 40′s is just a trend is ludicrous. You go to any In-N-Out Burger in California during lunch (regardless of how long it has been there) and the line will be at least 10 deep. Not because it’s new or trendy but because it’s cheap, fresh and delicious. In fact, In-N-Out is the opposite of trendy. There are no smoothies on the menu or vegan burgers or $9 coffees or grilled chicken wraps. In-N-Out has had the same menu for more than 60 years.

    In-N-Out won’t be the best burger you ever eat but it will be the best $3 burger you will ever eat. It’s silly to compare it to Snuffers or Red Robin or even Mooyah. It needs to be compared to its peers: McDonalds, Burger King and Whataburger.

    Having said that, I would never wait in a line 82 cars deep for a double-double. I’ll wait a couple of weeks.