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9 comments on “In-N-Out in Dallas: Customer Reviews

  1. That’s pretty much what the drive-thru looks like at Chick-fil-A around noon… Good for In-N-Out, can’t wait until the one opens up here in Las Colinas. It’s finally under construction, but appears to be flying under the radar when people mention future locations.

  2. Most overrated burger in the world. Steak and shake at best. If you are coming to Texas, you better bring something special…this aint it.

    Nothing secret about the secret menu, either.

  3. Adairs & Steak & Shake are not fast food.

    There is no greater value or freshness than In-N-Out. Today did not disappoint.

  4. My best friend insisted on going on the first day in Frisco (things you do for your bff: add this to the unofficial list). Dear God.. it was like waiting for a new ride at SIx Flags … in 1982! 2.5 hours later we were eating. She was almost crying.Me too but not for the same reason. I would’ve been happier with Whataburger. I’ll try it again… in 6 months when I’m not quite as jaded.