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Update on Food Trucks in Dallas: Add Three, Subtract One

Messy Cheesy Food Truck is parked.

Since I last reported on the food trucks scene in Dallas, we’ve lost one before it really got going. Henry Hester of Messy Cheesy Food Truck has called it quits. Henry told SideDish that the food truck economics in the Dallas/Fort Worth region are very tough at this point, primarily due to the slow changing regulations.

However, there are three more on their way.

Jump for them!

Jack’s Chowhound has been working some private events as it gets last minute issues resolved and gets its Dallas permit.  Owner Jack Mooney told us that his menu will be sub-$10, higher end street fare (think upscale gourmet burgers).  His menu will rotate, but he’s planning on starting with portobello burger, bipolar burger (hamburger & pork mix), pulled pork grilled cheese, meatball sliders, steak frites, and a steak sandwich.

Another cheesy truck is in the works: The Cheesiest Truck.  Currently this truck is being used by an events company “In Any Event” for private party rentals, but it will move into mainstream availability as the regulations are changed.

The Bomb Fried Pies is a trailer currently working festivals and larger events.  Thrillist has a great writeup about The Bomb Fried Pies.

Gandolfo’s trucks have arrived and  should be on the roads by May 18, according to Randy Wolken.  Randy just drove his truck back from Miami, where it was manufactured.  Randy took his time driving, meeting with Gandolfo franchisees along the way.

Gandolfo's crosses the Mississippi border

Gandolfo's Trucks Come to Texas

And a shout out to the Fort Worth trucks and trailers: TacoHeads, serving evening to late night tacos on 7th St.  Salso Limon is a rolling taqueria.  The Wienerman just started rolling, with about every sort of hot dog imaginable.  Yum Yum is in Ft. Worth, but will dispatch trucks to Dallas as the regulations get changed.

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  2. Dallas is really far behind! If you can’t buy your own truck, no offense to Randy, but renting a truck is really expensive and you have to make sure you can make a profit or it’s not worth it. I”m sad to see Henry close because I’ve enjoyed his cheesy goodness several times, but making a profit is important. Check out “Food Truck Invasion” on Facebook and see how much support the food trucks get in Miami!

    Hope Dallas gets it right!

    Check the blog:

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