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Rosita’s on Maple Ave. is Closed. Mark and David’s Italian Restaurant to Open

Leslie Brenner reports David Cremona of Cremona’s in the Quadrangle which replaced Cremona’s that burned down is going to open another Italian joint—Mark and David’s Italian Restaurant and Bar in the old Rosita’s space.

Whaaat? Rosita’s closed? A cursory internet search turned up no official reports other than Yelpers last reviews in early 2010. Rosita’s has been around for what 30 years? 40? It was open before this magazine started in 1974. Rosita’s used to have the best nachos in town. So sad it died without anyone noticing. Mark and David have their work cut out for them. Good luck on getting that greasy smell out of the building. That deep fat fryer has fried a bazillion chips.

11 comments on “Rosita’s on Maple Ave. is Closed. Mark and David’s Italian Restaurant to Open

  1. What a complete bummer. My dad worked downtown when I was a kid and always took us to Rosita’s when we visited him for lunch. Sad to say I hadn’t been back in a while, but it was still delicious last time I visited a year or so ago.

  2. Yep quite a bummer. I used to eat there frequently when I worked near downtown.

  3. The food was nothing special, but the atmosphere was worth taking out-of-towners to. And the staff–the owners and their waitstaff always had a smile (and a hug, if you were nice). One of the last of the family owned restaurants that we grew up (and old) with.

    Sure, we only went there a couple of times a year. Sure, we could get better food down the street at other places. But it was comforting, and satisfying, and it was always there. Until now.

  4. Hope there is nothing that needs to be fixed at the old Rosita’s, because Cremona is in a sad state of disrepair currently. Weeds everywhere, a water-feature on the corner that hasn’t worked in sometime (perhaps never), a gate around the parking lot that is sometimes open, sometimes closed. No “curb appeal” if you ask me.

  5. Mark and David’s is open. Just passed by and there is an “open for business” sign. How could they even have gotten the place cleaned up by now??

  6. Thanks, Nancy. I went to the old Elliott’s often and usually noticed Rosit’a but didn’t realized they had been close since December. That sort of explains how M & D’s can already be open. They had a few cars at lunch today.

  7. where ya’ll bein..Rositas had been for sale for well over a yr..openings & closings were sporatic…Italian joint has been open for months

  8. Such a shame all the local food critics are too busy slobbering over the opening of trendy California burger joints to notice the disappearance of a Tex-Mex stalwart and Dallas tradition like Rosita’s. Geez,it’s been closed for weeks. Get out of your cupcake box and hit the streets for some real reporting, please.

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  10. Rosita’s closed?
    Cremona’s burned down?
    Mark & David’s opened?
    Elliott’s moved?
    Osama bin Laden killed?

    Someone get me out from under this rock!