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In-N-Out Opens in Dallas Tomorrow. Do Your Homework.

I’m sure there will be mass hysteria in Frisco and Allen when the first two branches of In-N-Out Burgers in Texas open their doors in the morning. One reader told me the Allen location was opening at 1:30AM. “That is false,” said Carl Van Fleet vice president of planning and development. “We may open a little early if we have customers waiting (we usually open at 10:30am) but early would be around 9:00am maybe a few minutes earlier if we can be ready.”

If you’ve never been to an In-N-Out, you need to learn a few things about how to order. You don’t want to sound like an idiot and babble on about animal style if you don’t understand what animal-style means. You could end up (sorry) with something other than a cheeseburger. Remember, you are entering a sanctuary filled with a frenzied mass of cult worshipers. To help you, I have attached some must-know background information and our Newbie’s Guide to In-N-Out which illustrates and explains the secret menu.  So open these links, print them out, and study hard. It’s everything you need to know before you go.

18 comments on “In-N-Out Opens in Dallas Tomorrow. Do Your Homework.

  1. What exactly is a “mustard cooked patty”? The meat is made with mustard in it or the meat is cooked with mustard or do they just put mustard on top as with any burger?

  2. And don’t ask for onion rings, a salad, or a chicken sandwich, because there aren’t any, and you’ll only hold up the line. Burgers and fries ONLY.

  3. Going to Dallas 4th of July weekend and definitely going to stop by. As a Los Angeles transplant now living in Memphis, I cannot wait to have a 4×4 animal style with chopped chilles, buns extra toasted and animal style fries well done.

  4. Dear God,

    I pray for your guidance as I step to the counter to order my in and out burger. Please do not let me place an order for a double double doggy style, thereby causing the hipper than I could ever be Foodie from receiving the greatest hamburger evah. And should I slip, God, and make a mistake while placing my order, please protect my fragile ego from the onslaught of snark that will rightfully cascade upon me.


  5. someone, please go ahead and order that chicken sandwich or onion rings or salad with dressing on the side. thanks

  6. Nancy,

    Did In-n-Out pay for their D Magazine cover story and/or subsequent coverage in D’s blogs?, or has D Publishing had any financial transaction with their company or subsidiaries within the 12 months?

  7. Misleading headline. Dallas still waits for its own In-N-Out. Neither Frisco nor Allen are even in Dallas County. Use THEIR names in the headline until Dallas, or even the county it resides in, can call an In-N-Out home.

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  9. Dear Chef-R-Dee,
    Yes, In-N-Out paid for the whole D Magazine feature and they pay for our whole website. I have taken massive kickbacks from them for years. That is why I am covering the opening a fast food hamburger joint in my 58th year on earth. I invite you to lunch at the restaurant of your choice. I would like to show you the key to my off-shore bank vault. Other than that, we have no financial transactions with In-N-Out. Obviously the story was big news. We covered it. After today, it is over and I will await the next big restaurant story. That is my job. Bite me.

  10. I’m from North Carolina … and I always order In-N-Out when I go to LA (just ask my friends!). We have Five Guys, good, but just not the same experience as In-N-Out. Keep marching East, young man … I want one in my hometown!

  11. Nancy Nichols –

    Rather than responding snarky to those who genuinely wish to know why something is covered so terribly extensively by D Magazine and wondering out loud about the pay-to-play tactics implied, understand that WE understand that D Magazine has a storied past & present of pay-to-play advertising regarding coverage. D Magazine’s Best of series – particularly Best Lawyers, Best Doctors and Best Real Estate Agents. All paid advertising all by the publication that you so ferociously defend.

    And Chef-R-Dee’s question didn’t have anything in it to warrant your pithy, defensive response.

    Let me be clear: D Magazine, for the most part, is a paid marketplace with a few around town reporting and editorials. Oh, and pretty pictures of pretty people at, wait for it, more marketing & charity events.

    If you wish to be a journalist with integrity, seek life elsewhere. YOU BITE ME.

    FYI, I’ve known Tim Rogers for years (even at the Met) and he has and continues to be a non-issue, a cliche and a joke in Dallas literary & news circles. Your intriguing wit and sarcasm are well shared by your peer group.

    Have a nice day.