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Anybody Have a Cure For the Mid-Afternoon Slump?

Trailercakes within arm's reach.

Here it is, 2:30 on a Tuesday and my energy level is so low that it’s somewhere down on the 20th floor. I’ve eaten a balanced diet today, so I know this isn’t a sugar crash (although that Nutter Butter I pinched from the top of Rhonda’s peanut butter & jelly Trailercakes cupcake didn’t help). I’ve walked around the block, gotten some fresh air, and visited with the clever kids in the art department; all to no avail. I’m starting to eye up the RedBull fridge (yes, we have a separate refrigerator just for RedBull).

My brother swears that eating five almonds very slowly does the trick for him; my friend Jo tells me to keep a baggie of chocolate covered espresso beans handy.

How about you. Any wisdom to share? Anyone? Anyone? Those cupcakes are looking mighty tempting.

17 comments on “Anybody Have a Cure For the Mid-Afternoon Slump?

  1. 20-30 minute power-nap works for me. And to those who say you shouldn’t be paid for napping, it sounds as if you’ve wasted 20-30 minutes in your other pursuits as it is.

  2. I promise a small or single serving OJ will do the trick. Raises your blood sugar and gives you a pep.

  3. Yerba mate…I can’t tolerate coffee after about 9 a.m., so I drink this every afternoon about this time…I recommend Eco Teas unsmoked, which you can buy at Whole Foods…loose, not in bags, works great in a French press…it’s also very high in anti-oxidants…viva El Cono Sur!

  4. Take a stroll to Pearl Cup and let me know how it is, and if it’s worth the three block walk from my building. :)

  5. I just had a Chocolate Chip LaraBar. They are delish and do the trick.

    And I do live close enough to work that I can dash home and take the 20 minute nap when I am really, really tired. And naps are the best thing to keep going.

  6. Do you get a good night’s sleep? If you have enough good rest at night, you probably won’t even need those power naps.

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  9. Dirty Chai Latte with two shots of espresso from Pearl Cup does it for me.

  10. Try guayusa!!! It works for me. It is a tea from a holly leaf in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. It has less caffeine than coffee but more than yerba mate. I dont know if it is sold in stores around you but you can buy it online at