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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Most “Dallas” Restaurant

A gal I used to know and thought I’d lost resurfaced and asked me a dumb question. Sorry, I like the girl but I hate the request.

Hey Nancy, my in-laws are foodies and they are going to be in Dallas for one day. (They are picking us up and we’re all driving to New Orleans for a long weekend!) They have asked me to pick out a restaurant that best represents Dallas! I thought about the one in the ball but isn’t that like Asian. So what is your best DALLAS restaurant!

See? Dumb. I should email her back and refine her search, but it’s Monday morning and I have waaaay to much on my mind.

22 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Most “Dallas” Restaurant

  1. I guess I’d say Fearing’s or Stephan Pyles or Bob’s. Not saying any is the best restaurant in Dallas, but any of them might be the best ‘Dallas’ restaurant. Oh, Al BIernat’s isn’t a bad choice. And I think you could throw the Mansion into the mix.

    I guess I’m basing my picks off of what I presume the popular perception (and maybe even an outsider’s perception) of a ‘Dallas’ place.

  2. Doesn’t seem like you like her that much if you set her up to get lambasted on Sidedish… I’ll keep my snark to myself and just recommend that she go to Bob’s and call it a day.

  3. Street Tacos – My recommendation is Taqueria El Si Hay – Davis Street.

    2 birds with one stone – Car is packed for the trip to NOLO so the need for a table reservation is moot. If you visit on the weekend the Elotes are awesome.

    But if that is to ‘urban’ then the Bishop Arts District has some great choices!

  4. NOT Bob’s – she said her relatives are foodies! I agree that Fearings and Stephan Pyles might be top choices, or the Mansion. For something less fancy, any of the Neighborhood Services group.

  5. Picking out a restaurant that best represents Dallas is tantamount to picking out a cuisine that represents Dallas and I don’t think that exists.

    The Tadich Grill IS San Francisco and Dallas doesn’t have its version of the Tadich Grill.

  6. Why did you have to mention Tadich Grill?? I miss San Francisco and now I’m hungry. I’m throwing 560 in the ring. Even though it’s Asian food, it’s really good food and the view is the best in town.

  7. Pick a Tex-Mex joint.


    Which one? Look in the D Directory and find a highly rated one near you.

  8. Oh, God! I love Tadich grill! My father first took me there in 1955 and I’ve been loving it ever since! Best dishes I ever had there were the tiny Olympia oysters and the Abalone Dore’. Basically, neither exist there anymore.
    Oh well, I guess Pappadeaux on Oak lawn will have to suffice for today.

  9. I don’t understand what “best represents Dallas” means? The best in town? That’s a thread that will go on for ever.

    You have to admit that we all probably eat more Tex-Mex than anything. So I would start there. As for the best TM………

    Wolfgang’s Aerie probably best symbolizes Dallas. The Mansion makes me think of old Dallas. Ocean Prime would be a good example of what money can buy in Dallas. Wonderful big money space, full of silicon and hair product. Good food too!

  10. A restaurant that best represents Dallas:
    Any steak place with men in their 60s dating women in their 20s, lots of fake boobs, bleach blond hair, fake tans, high heels and no intelligent conversation.
    That is at least how Dallas is perceived beyond Texas. But I still love Dallas.

  11. If price is no obstacle, I’d go for Al Biernat’s. Dallas cuisine is still most associated with big, red-blooded steakhouses and Al Biernat’s best fits because 1) it’s phenomenally good and 2) it’s an institution. There are many phenomenal steakhouses in Dallas, and many institutions, but Al Biernat’s is the one the best delivers both.

  12. Al B’s (Al & steak are Dallas- scene is Dallas in a nutshell)
    Fearings (Dean is Dallas)
    Mansion- (surprisingly Dallas)

  13. @ Scagnetti: “The Tadich Grill IS San Francisco and Dallas doesn’t have its version of the Tadich Grill.”

    more’s the pity!!!! sure would love some sandabs…

  14. As long as they are heading east, they may as well stop and eat at Restaurant Ava.

  15. Hands down, go to the Bishop Arts. All of the best chefs have moved there.

    BOLSA & SMOKE!!!