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11 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Cane Rosso last Saturday was fabulous as always. Went for the Paulie Gee with fresh mozz, Italian tomatoes, hot soppressata, carmalized onions and Calabrian chiles. Divine! Flavor-wise, it’s basically the best pepperoni pizza you’ll ever eat in your life.

    (Must remember to ask next time where they get those delicious Calabrian chiles, so that I can get some and put them on EVERYTHING.)

    Fillmore Pub last night. The sliced tenderloin sandwich I talked myself into was good, but I shouldn’t have fought my instincts to get the fish & chips. Still the best in town, IMO. One bummer about the Fillmore, they recently took Ace Pear Cider off tap (and don’t even have it bottled), which ruins my favorite drink there: the Black Velvet, half Ace, half Guinness. They’ll still make it with Stronbow, but it’s not the same. Not even close.

  2. Had dinner with 10 other friends at Komali. Went to the bar first, and Leanne Berry made me their award-winning Komali margarita. It was wonderful. And as someone mentioned before, they sneak up on you.

    Dinner was good, not stellar, but good. I might be back, but not with a large party. Service was a little uneven, but they tried.

    Nice touch: the valet for Komali is around the corner from Salum, so you aren’t having to wait for both.

  3. Cane Rosso AGAIN! I crave that pie! Love the vibe, the food and service is always friendly. Had the Motorino….OMG!

  4. Bolsa for the first time- wow have we been missing out! Swanky but not douchey atmosphere, fresh, clean food, and our service (everyone from the host, to our waitress, to the busboy)was incredible. Get the flatbread- it does not disappoint!

  5. Lucia on Tuesday night – we made reservations a month ago. UNBELIEVABLE. This is a bold statement, but it was the BEST food I’ve had in Dallas. Perfection! We made reservations in June before we left. Can’t wait to go back.

  6. Lunch at the new Howard Wang’s Uptown this week. It’s a great option if you want a ‘real’ restaurant experience…with Chinese food. I loved the decor and the overall vibe…service was great! I’m not a Chinese food lover, but this was really good! Try the Vanilla Prawns (sounds weird, tastes incredible!)

  7. Eating out is a bone of contention in our family- my husband likes diners- Luby’s, Mama’s Daughter’s etc. and I have been a vegetarian for 7 years. My husband announced that he wanted to try Maple and Motor and I went along silently moping. It was raining, I was bitchy. I took one look at the bulding and location and just died a 1000 deaths. But I walked in, got a whiff and promptly ate a flat top brisket sandwich with all the bells and whistles and a smattering of mustard. Grilled buns! Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap! I may not turn into a carnivore anytime soon but dayem, that was freakin’ awesome. The owner is sorta hot too.

  8. Whiskey Cake on Saturday night. Let’s just say I am a snot that doesn’t like driving 45 minutes to Plano for good food. But I am so glad I did. Started with the side salad – ordered one for two people to share, it was so good I ordered my own. Had the chicken sandwich- it was good, above average, but then again chicken is pretty boring in general. Tried my husband’s OMG burger which was OMG delicious. One of the best burgers in town. Then came the highlight of the evening: THE WHISKEY CAKE. It may be my new favorite dessert. Ordered one to share, wanted to order another to go.

    Downside: Our waitress was pretty dumb and flighty.

    Great atmosphere, great food. Can’t wait to go back. Maybe even this weekend.

  9. Cane Rosso again on Friday night. Pizza perfection! Thanks, Jay.
    Luckie’s BBQ last weekend. Don’t waste your time. Very average BBQ. And if you do go, bring a fly swatter because they have a really serious fly problem. Mgmt. is “working on it”.

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  11. Just ate at Howard Wang’s new place on Cole and it was really good. Had noodles and pork and sat on the patio. Delightful lunch Plan on returning at night.