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Ate it for $8: Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum

Each week, Kristy Alpert highlights a restaurant where $8 or less goes a long way.

Serious calzone at Serious Pizza in Dallas.

This week I headed out to Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum to satisfy a … wait for it … serious pizza craving. It’s been a while since I’ve ventured out that way during lunch hours, and the scene was definitely less than hopping. That is, until I walked in the restaurant. All the booths were taken by chatting co-workers and debating seminary students. Even the spots at the bar were full with people watching the chefs toss enormous sheets of dough behind the counter. Lucky for me it was a sunny day and they had open tables outside, shaded by umbrellas along the sidewalk patio.

Serious Pizza is new to Dallas. They opened on March 24. Owners Andrew Phillips and Mike Turley have already made a decent mark on the local pizza scene with their hand-made vegan dough and ridiculously huge pies. It was fun to watch customers struggle to fit their to-go XL pizzas (30”) through the door. (Casual Observer’s Tip: tilt one side up.)


My lunch mate and I both ordered calzones ($7.95 each) after a zealous  recommendation from the girl at the counter. We  grabbed our sodas, perused the beer selection (they sell 40!), and went back outside to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

After many synthesized renditions of what I can only assume was an “original song” from the homeless man with a keytar on the corner and two sodas down, the calzones arrived. My first reaction? “This is meant for one person?” Each calzone, roughly the size of a standard NFL football, comes with a bowl of freshly-made marinara sauce, and is loaded with mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan cheeses along with fresh garlic and herbs, and a choice of two toppings. I ordered  pepperoni and jalapeños (or jala-roni as I call it), while my friend opted for a bit more sophisticated choice of grilled chicken and marinated artichokes with a side of homemade ranch dressing($0.50). Both were great, but my friend definitely won with her chicken-Alfredo-esque selection.

Why so serious? Well, as I mentioned, the calzones were seriously big, came seriously packed with cheese (easy on the ricotta; which I enjoyed), and were seriously heavy on ingredients.  Mine was seriously cute with a little pepperoni baked on the top of the crust (insert obnoxiously cutesy smiley-faced emoticon).

Overall: Loved the vibe. In true Deep Ellum form, the owners with tattoo-sleeved arms toss the dough in the open-air kitchen/bar. Live music if you’re lucky enough to catch the keytar-playing man on a good day. For $7.95 I got lunch and leftovers to feed me and my husband for dinner that night.

2807 Elm St., Dallas, 75226

Well Dishers? Where should I go next for my $8 lunch?

9 comments on “Ate it for $8: Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum

  1. Check out Jimmy’s 4901 Bryan Street, Dallas TX, 75206.
    But everyone in Dallas already knows of their awesomeness.
    Jade Garden Chinese is something no one knows about though. $4.95 :)
    Great Review.

  2. Thanks for that “Casual Observer’s Tip”. Never would have figured it out otherwise.

  3. Starting some time next week you’ll be able to get an In-N-Out double-double combo for 5 bucks and some change.

  4. EB: I love Rusty Taco!

    Robie: You’d be surprised how long it took some people to figure that out. Also, I’m so excited about In-N-Out. It seems all my favorite west coast spots are making their way to Dallas!

  5. Rusty Taco? Somewhere in between 42 and 49 on list of the best taco joints in town. Try Panchito’s at Lindsley and Beacon if you want to know what a taco should taste like. And you can get 7 of them for $8, including tax.

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