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Making Dallas Even Better

Dee Lincoln’s Cedar Springs Bubble Bar Preview Party. An Evening in Pictures.

Here’s what you need to know about Dee Lincoln’s second Tasting Room & Bubble Bar: Two levels, Cedar Springs, yummy flatbread, pillows that feel like silky lamb’s fur, loads of reflective surfaces, excellent bubble-themed chandeliers, many many Park Cities babes in booty accentuating get-ups, wine dispensaries, valet, outdoor patio. Observe… jump to check out some […]

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Smoke Hosts Monthly “One Riot, One Ranger” Dinner

How’s this for a tasty deal? Beginning this month, chef Tim Byres of Smoke will personally prepare a monthly private-audience dinner on the back patio of the popular Oak Cliff restaurant. Byres will dine with the guests and preside over the five-course meal. The catch? It’s only open to the first 20 guests to RSVP. […]

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