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Tasti D-Lite Invades Dallas

Two locations! Now open 2704 East Southlake Blvd. in Southlake! Opening in Dallas at 8611 Hillcrest Road suite in May. It’s low calorie! Frozen! Has a cult following! Franchises available!

D-tails Be-low.

(Dallas, TX)—Tasti D-Lite, the lower-calorie frozen dessert chain with a cult following among health-conscious consumers as well as celebrities, will open its first two Dallas outposts this spring, one in 2704 East Southlake Blvd. suite 102 in Southlake and a second location at 8611 Hillcrest Road suite 185 in Dallas. The Southlake location is expected to open March 31 and the Dallas location will open in May.

Francisco and Patricia Gomez-Palacio, Tasti D-Lite’s area developer for Dallas, have signed an agreement to open at least 25 units in Dallas County and part of Tarrant County over the next 10 years. They will own and manage one of the locations opening this spring, on Hillcrest Road in Dallas.

Marcela and Francisco Capetillo, who recently emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico where they were both lawyers, will open the other area location in Southlake. They currently live in Southlake with their three daughters. Francisco Capetillo will continue to practice intellectual property law as an external legal advisor for his law firm in Mexico while Marcela will handle the day-to-day operations of the Tasti D-Lite Center.

Like the Capetillos, the Gomez-Palacios also emigrated from Mexico, which they did 13 years ago. Now a U.S. citizen, Francisco Gomez-Palacio is using his bi-cultural experience to bring millions of dollars of investment to Dallas by recruiting U.S. residents as well as foreign entrepreneurs, such as the Capetillos, to become Tasti D-Lite franchisees. As a dedicated area developer, he will also offer relocation services to foreign franchisees through his company, Vente, LLC.

“The guidance Francisco Gomez-Palacio has provided in helping us relocate to the U.S. to start this business has been invaluable,” said Marcela. “We are first time franchisees and, while moving here at the same time we’re getting the business off the ground has been a bit daunting, we are so excited to introduce Tasti D-Lite to the Dallas-Fort Worth market. We know local residents will fall in love with Tasti’s delicious, healthier treats the first time they try them, just like we did and just like so many people have in Houston and other markets across the country.”

Since its inception in 1987, Tasti D-Lite’s popularity has grown largely by word of mouth and has resulted in a huge base of raving fans who line up day and night to get their favorite guilt-free treat, available in more than 100 flavors. With Tasti D-Lite, health-conscious individuals can enjoy a dessert that is made with natural ingredients including real dairy, contains no artificial sweeteners and is lower in calories, carbs and sugar than ice cream and leading frozen yogurt brands. Thanks to unsolicited international exposure on TV shows such as “30 Rock,” “Sex and the City” and “The Apprentice” along with new store openings, demand for the brand has grown worldwide. Tasti D-Lite is now poised for growth throughout the U.S. and around the world with plans to build a global 500-center franchise network through a combination of single- and multi-unit franchises, area developers and international master franchises.

“We’re excited to continue our growth in Texas,” said Jim Amos, Tasti D-Lite’s chairman and CEO. “Houston residents have become big fans of Tasti since we expanded there almost two years ago.  That’s why we’re sure Dallas residents will do the same and embrace Tasti D-Lite for what it is – not just a great-tasting, better-for-you frozen treat but really a celebration of life, health and happiness.  We’re proud to have such passionate franchisees as the Capetillos joining the Gomez-Palacios as we expand Tasti D-Lite across Texas and specifically into the Dallas market.”

Tasti D-Lite first launched its franchise program in 2008.  Since then, the company has grown to 50 locations and has secured commitments to open over 300 locations in the coming years. During the past year, Tasti D-Lite has opened new stores in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Connecticut, Nevada, New York and New Jersey and expects to open new stores in Maryland and Missouri, as well as the new Texas locations in the Dallas area, in the coming months. Internationally, the company already has locations in South Korea, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates and will be opening its first Australia location in mid-2011. Led by a world-class operating team, the company is undertaking a program of product innovation, customer engagement and service excellence.

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11 comments on “Tasti D-Lite Invades Dallas

  1. Looooove Tasti D-Lite…used to get it all the time when I lived in New York. There is one on every corner in NYC! Cannot wait for this to open.

  2. What’s the difference between this and the thousand other yogurt chains in Dallas? I usually stick to I Heart Yogurt.

  3. “…25 units in Dallas County and part of Tarrant County….”

    What, no Frisco? No Allen/Fairview? Doesn’t make much sense.

  4. Yuck. The one in Snider Plaza was here today, gone tomorrow a while back. Nothing to see here, folks. Just keep moving along…

  5. Yeah, when I was at SMU and had classes right across the street from the Snider plaza store we would get tasti-d-lite on hot days. It was ok, but about 90% air, expensive, and some of the flavors tasted like chalk.

  6. the difference is that tasti d lite is bad and expensive and tasteless–oh yeah but it IS lo cal..

  7. hey guys. don’t listen to those pessimistic people…Snider Plaza was an exception. Tasti D-lite is changing the world. I absolutely LOOOOOOVEEEEEE it. it’s much better than the yogurt brands…promise. There are 100 something flavors. and how can people accuse tasti of being “tasteless” when they haven’t tried the most delicious flavors…Nutella, peanut butter, cake batter, french vanilla, latte fudge…mmmmmm… so good. I did hear that the Snider Plaza location wasn’t very good and that’s why it was shut down. But people, don’t give up on Tasti. it’s back and better than ever. just got back from the new location at Hillcrest. the service was awesome, the flavors delicious, and loved their awesome new “self-serve” machines… Tasti d lite will not let you down

  8. I went earlier this morning to the hillcrest location and i can say I had not lived till today!!! and i dont know why these people think it’s so bad!!! right next to Elevation burger: i can stop by to get a “healthy burger” then head on over to get my “healthy desert” 100% recommended

  9. Lets face some facts. The “cult following” has decreased from 50 stores to 15 in NYC since the “world class operating team” took over/bought TDL (google their names-they are all crooks)so now they sell U.S. citizenship to Mexicans. They have been saying “open 500 stores” since 2008 and have only been able to find enough suckers with more money than sense to open new ones as the old ones close-to keep their total at 50. Tasti tastes OK but is in no way worth 58 cents an ounce (the price at the new store). Finally, the Snider Plaza store closed because the owner, who originally went into business with the creator of TDL, realized what a bad situation it was. These stores will close too when they get tired of throwing away money and have the guts to admit they made a mistake.