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15 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Went to the much anticipated Lockhart BBQ and left ‘Eminem angry’ over the ‘purist’ attitude and lack of sauce. I don’t get the concept and maybe would be a little more understanding if the imposed sauce ban was not predicated by a young whippersnapper informing me that “you can use the mustard or hot sauce on the table”…Um, okay. So no sauce, but you want me to ruin BBQ by putting on pedestrian mustard and hot sauce that tastes like the smell of a dead body. $33 later I longingly looked at the new Gloria’s.
    Oh well. My weekly visit to Zanata never disappoints and I had an amazing banana muffin at Corner Bakery.

  2. The family and I went to Chito’s in Plano for the first time. The food was great and the staff was nice and attentive. I had something with steak and verde sauce (don’t remember the name). The spice was perfect. It had just a little bite to it, but not overpowering. We’ll definitely return.

  3. If you’re ever in Marfa, TX, go to Cochineal. Wonderful meal. Just don’t ask for the wine list. There’s about 10 things on the menu and about 400 on the wine list. Nice to have options, just not that many. Stick to what they’re pouring that night by the quartino lest you end up with a $200 wine tab to your $130 food tab.

    Worth it, though. And completely unexpected on that trip, to boot.

  4. @bc – Love Cochineal! One of the best restaurants in Texas. I make it a point to eat there every time w/in 100 miles of Marfa.

  5. I met a friend for lunch at Fernando’s on Wed. My friend and I have always loved their food, but neither of us has ever been rushed so blatanly, to turn the table anywhere else in town. We were in and out in less than 30 mins. At least 4 different people came to pick up our money, before we were finished eating. I guess it’s best to go there during “off” hours.

  6. Had dinner at Asador – although we were surrounded by business travelers, it was still good food, and a good experience. Flat Iron Steak was great, and I thought the BBQ Quail appetizer was a steal at $7.

    I am still amazed by the quality of food at Lemongrass in Deep Ellum. Since I went 3 weeks ago, I have been going back weekly. Some do-not-miss-dishes: Steak Spring Roll, Grilled Pork Bun, Chicken Curry. FABULOUS…GO NOW!

  7. Had lunch at Jasper’s and dinner at The Place at Perry’s this week. Having dinner at Perini’s Ranch in Buffalo Gap next week – I hope it lives up to my expectations! Any recommendations on what not to miss?

  8. We had a party last Saturday. So, we woke up in need of brunch and a good drink special. Monica’s worked out nicely. I’m not wild about everything on the menu. But, that queso and $1 Margaritas made me a new person. Later in the week we hit The Commissary for small plates and burgers. Fun punch bowl of sangria was good for the four of us. The small plates and the burgers were all fabulous! Gotta go again. Hopefully, it won’t be quite as packed next time because we had to yell at each other to be heard above the noise. Fun place, though.

  9. Went to Social 121 for dinner. We used to go to Loft 610 quite often so I was curious to see what changes had been made. Well, it is more Vegas now. They have lounges, a few bar areas and apparently at 10 pm they move the tables from the dining area to make a dance floor with a DJ. Being olds we didn’t stay until 10 pm.

    But I have to tell you the food was incredible. I had perfectly cooked scallops with a pea and pancetta risotto. This along with our spring roll appetizer, caesar salad, cupcakes (!) and grapefruit mojito made a really great meal. And the service was A+. My only complaint: the club music in the dining room is a bit jarring when the food is so good. It’s like eating barbecue at the symphony….weird.

    Anyway, go for the food!

  10. Went to NOSH. Why are people so willing to throw down money on such a basic strip-center space that really lacks soul? I mean, his first concept didn’t work out. So he closes briefly and puts on a new outfit with a new random menu and calls it a day. Just not my kind of place. Food was okay, if you don’t have high standards and aren’t looking for anything super delicious. But what a RANDOM crowd, and so-so service.

  11. @Senor – Nice call out for Chito’s. Great place (and cheap!).

    Sadly, I didn’t eat out anywhere exciting this week, as the wife and I struggle through another end-of-month cash crunch. Hooray for Sunday.

  12. We checked out Malai last night. There was live music on the patio which made our meal even better. Had the Scallops which were light and flavorful, would definitely order them again. My wife enjoyed her chicken curry and ended up saving half for her lunch today. We both tried different vietnamese and thai beers that our server recommended.

  13. Had an early dinner before Cabaret at The Commissary with a group of 11 – we were in a hurry, and they were more than accommodating with our large group and multiple checks. More importantly, the food was great. Loved the lamb burger and seasoned skinny fries. I’m looking forward to some late evening dinner at this place.
    Also had lunch at Stephen Pyles – is there a better iced tea in town? I could seriously drink a gallon of it. Also loved the eggplant/tomato/chipotle soup.

  14. Had dinner Thurs at Cedars Social. Had a few cocktails with Rye, grapefruit juice and blackberries. Excellent potent Had some small plates – salumi platter that was amazing along with a plate with mixture of sweet and hot sausages with a rich tomato red pepper and onion mix that had toasted garlic bread on side to scoop everything up with. So good. Only weird thing is they don’t serve iced tea at night!

    Had lunch at Mecca Thurs The best thing was the cinnamon roll-one of the best I ever had anywhere. Lunch fare was awful. (burger /fries). Great service and nice down to earth crowd

    I 2nd THP on the iced tea at Stephan Pyles. It’s one of my faves!