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A Plea From Chef Hung at Kenichi in Dallas

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chef Hung at Kenichi, then you already know he is a kind and talented man. The recent tragedies in Japan and the wretched weather disasters in the U. S. have moved him to start a drive to raise some money to aid disaster relief. At the Second Annual Sake Festival at Kenichi on May 6, Chef Hung will add a special feature to the event.

We’re setting up for a special sampling, at $10 additional a pour. I’ve collected a few rare sakes in my travels to Japan–some have been honored gifts, some required fastidious seeking out, none are (or will likely ever be) available in the US. To these, I will add my collection of koshu–sakes I’ve personally aged. As you know, most sakes aren’t meant to be aged, and most don’t do well when “rested.” But certain ones can be interesting, and drinking aged sakes is a connoisseur activity, in some circles. Included in this collection are brews from regions of Japan which may not produce sake again in our lifetimes.

Attendees of last year’s festival sampled more than 50 sakes. This year there will be more. Friday, May 6th, 2011. 5pm – 8pm Kenichi Dallas. 2400 Victory Park Ln. 214-871-8883. $40 per person.  Special tasting area with Hung, an additional $10 per pour.

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