Report: Earth Day Food Truck Court in the Arts District in Dallas

Mister Cool

By the time that I arrived to the Food Truck Court on Saturday afternoon, the number of kids at the Earth Day celebration had subsided.  The trucks were still doing a bang-up business and many reported they had to shut down because they ran out of food.  Since Dallas’ summer weather seemed to hit on Saturday, Mister Cool still had the longest line with at least  20 people waiting.  Mister Cool’s Graham Ross says he served over 1,000 folks on Friday.  Yum Yum was busy with not one, but two trucks.  Good Luck Food Truck, City Street Grille, and Messy Cheesy Food Truck were there as well.

My 9-year-old son chose Good Luck Food Truck.  Their menu of burgers, tacos, and chicken and waffles speaks directly to kids.  He declared the chicken and waffles ($8) a success and would not let me touch it.  I tried the fajita tacos (2 for $5). They were  nice-sized, with just-right cooked skirt steak, and the right amount of heat.  Good Luck’s tacos could compete with any Tex-Mex bricks and mortar restaurant.

Jump.City Street smartly tweaked their menu for the event by adding a barbecued pulled beef wrap and chicken and waffles to their more upscale offerings such as their grilled cheese sandwich of goat cheese, arugula, and strawberries.

Photo from City Street Grille

Messy Cheesy Truck was there as well with their everything-cheese menu.  Although they offer a mac and cheese grilled sandwich, they told me their straight up grilled cheese was their best seller.  I didn’t get a chance to try Messy Cheesy’s offerings, but look forward to it when they get back to Dallas.

4 comments on “Report: Earth Day Food Truck Court in the Arts District in Dallas

  1. It was great to see the type of crowd that food trucks can bring, especially on the muggiest day in recent memory. The stuff I tried from Good Luck was OK, definitely good post-drinking food. City Street’s Spring Grilled Cheese was incredible. A great mix of sweet, salty, spicy and fresh. I look forward to trying their other options soon.

    Let’s hope those zoning regulations get cleared soon so we can have more days like this!

  2. Messy Cheesy Truck’s Mac & Cheese Grilled Sandwich was incredible. Only had a couple of bites but it was memorable for sure.

  3. The ice cream truck was by far the nicest ice cream truck I have EVER seen, and it tastes great too.

  4. i wanna eat chicken and waffles off of the bodies of the good luck food truck owners.