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Café Pacific: The Best Burger in Dallas?

It is according to Health & Style Scoop, a Dallas-based website. You can read the review. The link is between articles on “Finding the Perfect Bra” and “The Blow Dry Bar.”

10 comments on “Café Pacific: The Best Burger in Dallas?

  1. Ridiculous. Cafe Pacific has the best people watching and that’s about it. I think the food is mediocre at best. Except the pacan ball, that IS the best.

  2. @DGirl.. oh my.. i think the food is better than the people watching. and I love the burger.. the salmon is fantastic.. IN MY OPINION! and you have yours…. I respect that also.. i have friends that go to another restaurant all the time and always say it’s the best in the world…i don’t like the food at that restaurant at all.. but I respect their opinion… My opinion is that Cafe`Pacific is my favorite restaurant in the world.. and i was a F/A for 46 yrs.. so I have been to a lot. IN MY OPINION!

  3. I totally agree with DGirl. Great people watching especially lunch. The food is not much – pretty old and tired.

  4. No can do, Ms. Yvonne. My nom de blog protects me from consequence in commentry (TM). My comments are snarky but not typically mean spirited (except when they’re about Dwaine Caraway or known a$$holes. I’m all about the food and I’m just not that into Caf Pac. Love the physical property and many of the staff but IMO the food is tired and could use a rejuvenation.

  5. I love that DGirl.. way cool.. and I do enjoy your posts.. always .. just would loved to know who writes so clever and says what they want.. I’m thinking of a great name for myself.. will return with new name Yvonne1 is to obvious.. Have a great made mine… Y