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Making Dallas Even Better

Huffpost’s Article “When Is Organic Wine Not Organic” Sheds Light on Red Tape

We talk a lot about wine here on SideDish. And these days, as much as at any time, the buying of organic products (even wine) is a situation where caveat emptor is the name of the game. Be an informed consumer and check out what David Duman uncovered for HuffPost Food about the beurocracy behind […]

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Wolfgang Puck Offers Cinco de Mayo Tip

Everyday I get bizarre misguided press releases. So far this morning I’ve already received an invitation to a ribbon cutting for a new health care facility, a request to interview a Girl Scout leader, and a plug for a cookbook which “conjures up spellbinding recipes from the Harry Potter Series.” I generally delete them and […]

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Have a Cinco de Mayo Even the French Would Consider Tipping Their Hats To

Around here, we love us a little Cinco de Mayo. The mariachis, the tequilla, the queso—it’s enough to make a grown woman forget that the holiday has actual historical underpinnings. So, let’s pause for a brief history lesson. The Battle of Cinco de Mayo is actually your typical David & Goliath story: diminutive Mexican army […]

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CuriousDish: New Electronic Tablet for Ordering in Restaurants

GigaOm is an influential West Coast technology blog site and recently featured an article about a tablet diners can use for ordering, paying, and playing games. The tablet, from the company E la Carte,  is heavy-duty, restaurant-friendly pad that enables you to see the menu with images, order, automatically split checks, and pay.  One of […]

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