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Random Post: Red-Tailed Hawk Eats Critter

Ann Althouse is a law professor in Dearborn, Michigan. She writes a blog about politics and law. Yesterday a bird-watching Disher  sent me a link to to her website. It’s a pretty amazing piece of video.  A friend of Ann’s, armed with a video camera, spent a great deal of time filming a red-tailed hawk as it devoured some poor critter. I asked Ann if I could share the footage with the bird watchers of Dallas. She  says there is quite a debate on the species of the dead critter. (h/t PK)

4 comments on “Random Post: Red-Tailed Hawk Eats Critter

  1. Granny Clampett would have been pissed knowing that the Red Tail hawk got there before she did.

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  3. in your new offices do you get to watch the hawks which nest at the top of the KPMG building dive bombing pigeons? i love watching them from my living room at the Republic Tower.