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Matt’s Rancho Martinez To Be Replaced by Mi Cocina

There’s been some chatter about what will happen to Matt’s Rancho Martinez when its lease expires in February 2012. Whether the restaurant will reopen in another location remains to be seen. But we can tell you what will go into the space. Ray Washburne of MCrowd confirms that Lakewood will get a Mi Cocina next year. All due respect to Matt’s, which I know many people consider an institution. But that’s an upgrade in my book.

  • M227

    @Emily… “north Dallas-y”? People are funny. If it’s old and in east Dallas, it surely MUST be preserved, right? I love Matt’s, but east Dallas pretentiousness is f’in hilarious.

  • bill holston

    I have real fondness for Matt’s. When my good friend Calvin died of Pancreatic Cancer, my wife and I went straight from the viewing to Matt’s for a Chicken Chile Rilleno with Green sauce. Matt was walking through. This was just after 9/11 and the world seemed a somber place. Matt stopped and chatted. We told him our friend died and his food was what we wanted. He was touched I think and we talked about comfort food and what he was shooting for. RIP Matt. You brightened that day for Jill and I.

  • Seven

    Up next: Barbec’s is bulldozed for an IHOP, Angelo’s becomes an Olive Garden, and Legal Grounds is replaced by a Waffle House. Why should we bother to appreciate the places that make our neighborhood unique?

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  • SteveD

    “Upgrade” my arse. Mi Cocina, Gloria’s, Luna e Noche…blah, blah. Typical interchagable Dallas styled pretentious tex-mex. I’ve been to them all and while they are ok, they don’t hit that tex-mex button that anyone from Houston or Austin is looking for. I NEVER seek out going to any of those places. I will be driving to the other Matt’s. It’s just a shame it’s not in my neighborhood anymore. I’m not being nostalgic. Yes,service has always been a little hit or miss, but man I love the cheese enchiladas, Bob Armstrong and the chicken stuffed zuichini. When friends and family come to visit, that’s where I take them. Everytime they’ve left fat and happy and have asked to go back when they return. So screw Mi Cocina and all you corporate suck ups enjoy the death of a real original.

  • LakeWWWooder

    Sorry y’all (over there and up there) we don’t need an “upgrade”. However we don’t build walls so I suppose there is no way to keep them out. It will fun watching this “concept” place go down the drain from from a stool in the Balcony Club.

  • VM

    Nothing like a Mexican food discussion to light up the comments. I live within walking distance of Matt’s and haven’t eaten there in over ten years. I don’t like it, although I do like the patio. In Lakewood I’ll take Cantina or La Calle Doce over Matt’s. Not sure how someone considers Gloria’s typical, interchangeable and pretentious, I only eat at the Davis location but it is none of those things. And I’m not a big Mi Cocina fan but I bet they do big business.

  • LD

    No way! Mi-diocre! Love Matt’s! Say it ain’t so……and yes we do not need another Mi anything. Can it be saved? Let’s hope. Many of us love Matt’s… keep your old school frat party W of 75……….

  • LD

    Cheese enchiladas, flautas, lite fajitas…..the food is great. Try the Bob w/o meat and pico in the stead……SO what I do love the family idea, the local restaurant idea, the idea of tradition in our ‘hood……the idea the my friends and I have been going there for years. What is wrong with that? Oh tear it down and put up a bank…………

  • LD

    This is why I never read D magazine.

  • Jeannie

    Um LD what does reading D have to do with this? I’ve enjoyed this convo about Matts

  • Steven F

    I was alot sadder when Matt’s No Place closed down.

  • Chris m

    Best news I’ve heard all month! Yes, I love bob armstrong and the relleno, and will miss ’em both, but I will gladly trade em for better service/mgt (adios to the prissy mgr who yells at the kids outside), sunset fajitas and mambo taxis.

  • Tony pampel

    1. At least I got, “try all 4 of Matt’s country fried steaks,” off of MY bucket list.
    2. Those of you who know me may be a bit taken aback, but I think the thing that’s conspicuously missing from this entire conversation has to be the Rustler’s Salad (with beef, of course)!
    3. While I’ll admit that the food at Matt’s wasn’t consistently superb, it HAS been nice to have an establishment to bring friends and family to that was uniquely ‘ours,’ and for that, Matt’s will be sorely missed.

  • Ryan

    Tim has sparked off a great dialogue in his comment and what I would like to say is that Matt’s is an institution in Lakewood. I was born, raised, and still live in the greatest neighborhood in Dallas and Matt’s is apart of it, just like Lakewood Landing, just like Dixie House. I’m not saying that I will not eat at Mi Cocina, probably will but no one who has lived in Lakewood 10 plus years can say that Matt’s has had an impact.

    Tim, would you consider IHOP an upgrade if it replace Goldrush Cafe…just curious

  • slade

    YAY MiCo!!

  • Les Hall

    I can remember when Matt was on Ferguson and did ostrich fajitas!

    We went to Lakewood about a month ago and the food was dull. The salsa was incredibly runny and tatsteless. I don’t know if Matt is involved day to day but I’m afraid the quality is way down & I look forward to something better.

    As others have said, local = better, is not always true. Somebody mentioned Barbecs, I went there recently and couldn’t believe I used to think it was so great.