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17 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. My wife and I went down to Cane Rosso for dinner yesterday – I’d never been to their physical location, but I’d had their pizza plenty at various other locations.

    Had the Delia – mozz, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and bacon marmalade. It was amazing – the sweet/smoke of the bacon marmalade made the whole dish.

    For dessert, I’d seen a facebook post about a new pizza they had which had vanilla bean mascarpone and nutella. This thing even had nutella in the CRUST. So good. Better than their S’mores pizza, which I always found to be a bit too rich and gooey (as if such a thing could exist).

    All of this just reinforces how much I love the Cane Rosso crew.

  2. As promised last Friday, the wife and I made it out to Whiskey Cake, and we’re glad we did. Reminds me of The Porch, only less expensive and free self-parking(!!!). I had planned to get the OMG Burger that Sarah thought so highly of in her review, but the weekend brunch menu swayed me with its Steak and Egg Burger topped with bacon, a fried egg (always welcome on a burger) and the deciding factor for me: muenster cheese. I love muenster, and you never see it.

    Surprisingly, the low point of the meal was the signature Whiskey Cake dessert. Although it was very good, I think I’ve been spoiled on The Londoner’s sticky toffee pudding, which knows no equal.

    Cowboy Chow last night before the Fair to Midland show at Trees. Good as always. The Navajo Fry Bread continues to be one of the best apps in town (and for only $4). I wish this chain would expand as fast as its sister Twisted Root. It’d be great to have a Cowboy Chow up in Allen/North Plano. Or maybe up at the Villages at Fairview, where there is already a Twisted Root.

  3. Met a friend for lunch at Gordon Biersch, and later that day went with another friend and her husband to Blue Plate. Over the weekend my husband and I went to Jasper’s, we were going to eat at Grace in FW, but one of our friends ended up getting sick, so we cancelled. On Sunday, we went to Toulouse for brunch and Dog Bowl afterwards and lastly Nick & Sam’s with my mother to meet her new boyfriend (she’s 70 and hasn’t dated for many years, so we needed to do something special).

  4. Finally made it over to Good2Go Taco’s new spot for breakfast last weekend. The Honey Bear was delicious with chile honey, fresh spinach, bacon, and goat cheese. They’ve got a great funky hang-out vibe going on there. Loved it so much, I went back for lunch.

  5. Went to Nick & Sams Grill on Saturday night. My first time there. Ordered the grilled cheese without the bacon and they brought me a grilled cheese with bacon. No apologies or anything when I mentioned that it had bacon. When they brought my sandwich without bacon, the bread was over toasted. My friend ordered the lobster ravioli and he was less than impressed. The service was mediocre at best.

    The valet handed me my keys and didn’t even tell me where my car was because they were too busy trying to find another woman’s keys which they had misplaced.

    Needless to say, I won’t be rushing back there anytime soon. The best part of Nick and Sams Grill is its proximity to Katy Trail Icehouse.

  6. Dinner at Cane Rosso. Service and food fabulous as always, and the Allagash White went down like water.

    Burgers at Motor & Maple. Mine was a little oversalted but still very good, and it hit the [extremely hungover] spot. The Shiner was ice cold, as it should be and too often is not. I would go back for that alone. No Jack Perkins craziness to report–there were small children there, and he wasn’t even eating them or breathing fire or anything!

    Dinner at The Commissary. The patio was bustling; I didn’t have a view of the dining room inside. Based on what I saw last night, La Brenner will have a good time remarking at all the beautiful hipsters in her review. The Big Tex (ancho chili rubbed burger, salsa cruda, avocado relish and pickled jalapeños with chipotle mayo) was delicious. To quote the Sig O, “I didn’t want to eat the whole thing, but I did.” My crab cake burger was equally good… I HAD to eat every last bite, even if it meant laying on the couch in my fat pants after I got home. Onion rings were solid, and the jalapeno fries had a nice heat to them. It’s great to see a solid selection of beers that extends beyond the usual shiner/bud/corona/blue moon combo, including a handful of large formats (om nom nom nom nom). Overall, wines by the glass are priced on the higher end ($13 and $17 for the pinots and $10 and $17 for the cabernets). Next time, I’ll stick with the beers, which are reasonably priced. There were a couple of service missteps (first round of drinks took about half an hour to arrive–maddening; server not taking ownership of service (“Did they bring you X yet?” Well, no, that’s what you’re supposed to do)), but I couldn’t take them seriously on week ONE. Plus, the food was so good, it more than made up for it. Overall, two glasses of wine, two beers, a burger and a crab sandwich ran us about $60 w/o tip. Not too bad in my book, and I’ll definitely be back for more.

  7. Pork tacos from Goghee To Go were sublime. Requested some heat and they provided a side of very good salsa.

  8. My girlfriend liked the lemongrass fizz drink at Malai. I tried some solid beers from vietnam and thailand that i’ve never tasted before. Had the spring rolls and pad thai. Enjoyed it & we’ll be back.

  9. La Duni has really gone downhill lately. Their prices have sky rocketed yet the quality has gone down. My hubby and I recently went there for dinner and his pork loin was super overcooked and dry. I ordered a chicken dish, and my chicken was also very dry and just too overpriced.

    I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I sure do miss their old menu and prices. Even their salsa tasted off and not nearly as yummy as it used to be. Anyone else have issues with La duni? Now I love their desserts, and think you can’t go wrong in that department, but their overall menu is very off.

  10. Maple and Motor early in the week, only issue is when you get your burger, the bun is so soggy. I think they need to toast them longer. Ice Cream was BLAH, could have done without it but, wanted to try it.

    Neighborhood Services last night. First, the service was AMAZING, OUTSTANDING. The food on the other hand was not so good. The Asian ribs had no Asian to them and they were so dry and tough and actually gross! New Scallops just BLAH again. Will go back because had good experiences in the past and the service was just top notch!

  11. Went to Odd Fellows for brunch last Sunday three out of four of us sent our meals back. We were told some people like us some don’t. Note to women employee who said this… people just want the meals fresh and hot not cold and burnt with an extreme wait, (30 mins for omelets). Whiskey cake for lunch, slow but very nice service. Hot pastrami sandwich was flavorful; hamburger was decent the bun was a bit stale and the hand cut fries need work, over fried so they were dry and crunchy. Al Biernat’s well just flawless. The veal chop was perfect, the Tune Poke had a wonderful spice but not so hot it put you on the floor. The service was wonderful attentive but not in your face.

  12. Had a fantastic shrimp bahn mi and ginger bird margarita on the patio at Malai! They made the margarita “skinny” for me, and it was fantastic. Love the huge, relaxing patio and the $8 lunch specials!

  13. Nonna for lunch today. I have been longing to try the lobster roll there. Not like in Maine, but still very tasty. Homemade chips were great too as well as the strawberry panna cotta. I don’t go out for lunch often, so this was definitely a treat!

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  15. I tried the pho at Malai Kitchen for lunch yesterday. The lunch portion was just enough for me and cheap enough to also splurge on the spring rolls. which were amazing by the way. i work in the area and so i’m sure i’ll be hitting up malai in the future.

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  17. I love Pho! I went to Pho Colonial on Frankfurt but instead of ordering the namesake menu item, I had the Sesame chicken. It was amazingly light, tangy, and crisp w/ no sogginess like you sometimes get in Asian restaurants. I was craving it the next day like it was bacon.