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CuriousDish: Current Dallas Food Trucks and Those on the Way

Yum Yum food truck

The City of Dallas is moving at what feels like glacial speed, but thanks to the push from the Dallas Arts District and anxious entrepreneurs, the food truck scene here is about to change. Here is an overview of who’s here and who’s coming.

Starting with the two trucks that are the bleeding edge of this new-to-Dallas trend we have Green House Truck staking out the upscale gourmet end of the food truck spectrum.  Green House is usually parked in University Park., where they have secured a permit.  City Street Grille has been out in the Design District lately. City Street managed to get a Dallas permit, but not for the Central Business District.  Both trucks are actively working with the City of Dallas on easing regulations.

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Green House, owned by lawyer-turned-food-truck-entrepreneur Michael Siegal and cheffed by former Food Company phenom Chef Ben Hutchison, has been on the road almost a year.  I’ve been to Green House Truck over a dozen times in the last few months and have yet to taste something I didn’t like.  The flank steak and chicken sandwiches, as well as the rice bowl versions of both, are hearty and full of flavor.  I love Hutchison’s soups. So far my two favorites are the terrific lentil and bacon followed by the asparagus vichysoise.  The menu rarely reflects what Ben has cooked up, so be sure to ask.

City Street food truck.

The first time I tried City Street Grille, their menu included various styles of big burritos and tacos.  Great flavor, but you’d better like ooey-gooey-sloppy-fill-you-up-smile-on-your-face burritos, which are perfect for late night substance absorbing. City Street moved from serving breakfast to working the late-night Uptown crowd, where this sort of truck fare fits better.  They’ve also secured a location in the Design District where they’ve been serving a menu with chicken salad sandwich, upscale grilled cheese, and a grilled steak sandwich.  Hopefully you’ll find their apple tamales on the rotating menu.

Hot Box is still waiting for clearance and working private gigs.  Sarah Reiss did a terrific review of Hot Box when they parked beside The Grape, which put them in conformance with the city regulations.  I can’t wait until they’re out more often and serving those pork plantain nachos.  Dang, they were good!

Entrepreneur Randy Wolken is literally driving the first of three Gandolfo’s deli sandwich food trucks from the Florida manufacturer to Dallas as I write.  We’ve seen plans for his Gandolfo’s trucks.  Randy plans to be on the streets in May.

Messy Cheesy Food Truck is now in Fort Worth and is coming to Dallas as soon as some of the complex regulations are modernized.  Owner Henry Hester is serving anything related to cheese: from the traditional mac ‘n’ cheese to grilled cheese sandwiches to baked cheesy spaghetti. He also totes a Mobile Mash Potato Martini Bar.   “We even do a cheddar, Jack, feta, gouda nacho plate that is a far cry better than most TexMex restaurant queso nachos,”  said Hester. While I don’t think food trucks are in direct competition with brick and mortar restaurants, Hester’s boast sounds like a good idea for a throw down.

Two long-time friends, Evan Barfield and Nathan Withers, have started the Good Luck Food Truck.  “GLFT” is targeting the late-night party crowd on lower Greenville. They plan to serve burgers, tacos, chicken and waffles, and sliders and will feature a flat screen TV on the side of the truck.

Yum Yum Food Trucks plans to feature tacos, burritos, and burgers with lots of ways to “pimp your Yum Yum”.  Yum Yum is operating in Fort Worth right now.  Fort Worth Hole in the Wall blog did a terrific write up on Yum Yum late last year.

Trailercakes, profiled on SideDish a few weeks ago, is polishing up their fancy Airstream for service as is the new Dimples Express cupcake truck.

You can find many of these trucks at the Arts District Earth Day celebration on Friday and Saturday.  Try them all and report back here.

5 comments on “CuriousDish: Current Dallas Food Trucks and Those on the Way

  1. I seem to remember that someone in Dallas wanted to create a Food truck lot near lower Henderson, similar to the one in Austin off of Congress….or was that a dream??

  2. I’ve been approached by several individuals & companies about building food trucks but the Dallas restrictions have deterred most from pursuing their ideas. Hopefully the relaxation of the restrictions will enable more food trucks to hit the road.