A Exceedingly Polite and Respectful Apron Throwdown

So clearly, you people are all sorts of whipped up around Lisa Garza’s pricey aprons. So I thought I’d share the following with you. This morning, the enterprising Jennifer Garr emailed me to let me know that she’s been making an alternative for quite some time now.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Sarah,

I saw your post and read the comments on the aprons designed by Lisa Garza. I think her aprons are wonderful but I did notice several of the comments were not in her favor. I too make aprons, they are MUCH more casual than the ones designed by Lisa and they do not compete with hers at all. My aprons are very practical (all have a terry cloth towel at the bottom), stylish and fun and are all handmade here in Dallas! Perhaps some of the people who left negative comments will like our price point a little better; our aprons are $36 and you can get them at Nothing Bundt Cakes in Preston Royal. That location has sold over 200 of them! Check ‘em out!

Jennifer Carr, www.jenrosiedesigns.com

11 comments on “A Exceedingly Polite and Respectful Apron Throwdown

  1. What a great idea to have a towel at the bottom. Very clever! (or do alot of aprons have this feature?) I don’t cook much.

  2. OMG I love Jen Garr’s aprons. I own at least 4. They are so easy, just use and wash. They are affordable and are very well made. I have washed mine many times and they are all still in perfect condition! I have seen them at Tart as well. Good Job Jen! Lisa’s are pretty, but a little too fancy and a bit pricey for a mom who is in the kitchen every night cooking for the family.

  3. Hot Mama Aprons are my go-to gift of choice! They are fantastic, wash well and are adorable. I use them constantly at home and they are great gifts for kids as well!

  4. These aprons are stylish, adorable, and practical…and the lower price point is just a bonus…not a reflection of the apron. I have two of my own, but I always want more when I see the latest styles. Plus, I love supporting a business whose owner is a genuinely kind person with a great entrepreneurial spirit!

  5. Hot Mama has done what very few can do… take a product that is the same over and over and turn it into something unique…adorable and useful is a hard combo to create! Paula Deen and Southern Living recognized this when they highlighted the aprons in their publications! Way to go Jennifer…and thanks for staying handmade in USA.