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The Food Trucks Are Coming to Dallas, Sort of

You may have seen or heard recent press reports heralding the fact that the Food Truck culture is just around the corner.  Er. not yet.  The Dallas City Planning Commission has approved changes to some regulations that will allow trucks to operate in the Arts District.  Dallas City Council will vote and likely approve the changes at their April 27 meeting.  The specific areas are Planned Development zones 145 and 708.  The Planning Commission voted to remove the requirements that food trucks must move every hour and that they need to provide a restroom.  However, any service will be limited to parking on private property.

It’s a start, and I’m happy for the Arts District.  But Greenville Ave., Deep Ellum, and Uptown will have to wait.  Lest you think Dallas is lagging in “funk,” we are not far behind other cities.  Portland is the clear leader and Austin is close behind, but Chicago, Nashville, LA, andDenver are all struggling with regulations changes.

7 comments on “The Food Trucks Are Coming to Dallas, Sort of

  1. Wow…this food truck saga and subsequent *reporting* for the past year has become more stale than the food carried within the truck itself. Next please. [insert texas-sized yawn here]

  2. I definitely vote The Dallas Planning Commission vote “Yes” to food trucks in the Arts District! If you have not had one of City Street Grille’s FRESH homemade sandwiches, tacos or wrapps (your way) then you have missed out! Find them fast! Vote YES!

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  4. I was in Austin two weeks ago and happily saw food trucks parked in many parking areas designated specifically for their use. Some large food truck parking lots had as many as a dozen trucks in an area large enough to include picnic style benches and tables.
    Dallas needs to get with it!

  5. I’m Excited for Gandolfo’s New York Deli’s truck to hit the roads. I understand they are pickling it up tomorrow and should have it up and running next week. Can’t wait for my Pastrami on Rye… Deli Style!

  6. Please check out our website or join us on FACEBOOK…we hire out for private parties!
    The Cheesiest Truck!

  7. Jack’s ChowHound will be on the streets soon! Serving pulled pork grilled cheese, SteakFrites, Bi-Polar burger, Portobello mushroom burger! Check me out on facebook or twitter.