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Talking Meat Tomorrow on Fox 4

For our May cover story (not online yet), Nancy ranked the top 20 steakhouses in town. I’m doing a TV appearance tomorrow on Fox Channel 4 at around 8:30 a.m. to talk about the story because Nancy gained 10 pounds in the process if writing it, and now she refuses to go out in public. Kidding. Not about the weight. She did gain 10 pounds. But that’s not why she’s camera shy. Nancy has to maintain her anonymity (as much as that is possible) for professional reasons. So no TV appearances. Plus, I helped devise the overly complicated algorithm on which the ranking was based. So I’m super qualified to go in her place.

In any case, some of the top steakhouses are bringing their stuff into the studio bright and early. If you want to see a bunch of meat and a guy with a handsome beard eating that meat, be sure to tune in.

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