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Making Dallas Even Better

Eating Lebanon: The Adventures of Chef Chad Houser, Randy Potts, and Chef Kamal Mouzawak

Writer Randy Potts and Chad Houser (Parigi) are in Lebanon cooking with Chef Kamal Mouzawak. Potts has filed two reports. Today he sends the following update: Lunch in the Garden In the morning, I am up at 6:30 making fish kibbeh with Kamal – a beautiful bowl is filled with translucent white fish, cayenne peppers, […]

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Luddite Alert: Apparently We’ve Been Underutilizing the Poor Onion

So, every morning I drink my coffee and scan my favorite blogs. This morning Design*Sponge led me to MyLifeScoop, which led me to SketchChair, which led me to 100kGarages, which ultimately led me to MakeMagazine where I learned that, lo and behold, you can use an onion to charge an iPod. Check it out: Charge […]

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Eat This Now: Empanadas from Empa Mundo in Irving

It’s Wednesday and time for Eat This Now by Daniel Walker of I’ll admit, it’s been a while since my high school Spanish class, but I’m pretty sure “Empa Mundo” translates loosely to either “world of empanadas” or “empanadas-so good-they’ll-melt-yourface-off.”  Although this humble establishment may be a bit off the beaten path, this is […]

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