Power Outage Hurts Restaurant Business on Knox-Henderson

Several readers have asked me to find out why several restaurants were dark on Friday night. This just in from Consilient prez, Tristan Simon.

Unfortunately it’s true – almost all of the North Henderson block was without power for much of Friday night before being restored around 8:30 pm. We lost the night altogether at Hibiscus and Alma, while we were able to salvage the last part of it at Fireside Pies and The Porch. Strangely, Victor Tango’s never lost its juice (and enjoyed a terrific evening as the only restaurant open on North Henderson). Such are the perils of living in the windswept plains of North Texas!

All together now: Thanks, Tristan!

4 comments on “Power Outage Hurts Restaurant Business on Knox-Henderson

  1. We were driving home at about the same time on Friday. It looked like the Monk was the only business with power. Further down Henderson, Capitol Pub was also out, but was still serving. We noticed a number of candles lit. The entirety of the Sushi Axiom/Fish City Grill strip was also dark.

  2. We were going to eat at Fish City, but due to the power outage went over and ate at Calle Doce.

  3. Highland Park Village was shut down as well… very eerie to drive in on a Friday night around 7:30 and have my choice of parking spots. Saw all the servers from MiCocina leaving around 8:00 because they decided to close.